Travel Ready Totes

It’s not only the time to be searching for new swim gear, but also time to revamp your travel gear!

My travel tote is my most important piece of luggage and adventure add-on.  It stores all the ready to use items…the things I want accessible and by my side!

Why not have a little fun picking out your travel tote companion! There are many out there to choose from. They go from unique to practical to creative to just plain pretty. I picked five, hoping they have qualities you are looking for and would be great to have on your next adventure.

And don’t worry fellas–I will get to your carry-a-longs tomorrow. I mean, nothing looks better strapped across your shoulder then a great weekender!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 6.44.19 PM

ONE:::‘hipster’:::  Archival Clothing  makes these great roll top bags from all waterproof materials! They are made in Portland, OR…of course…so they are perfect for exploring the Great Pacific Northwest! ($220 for this model)

TWO:::‘stylin’::: Kate Spade has some style! This is an incredible customizable weekender! The style above is one of there patterned versions, but you can totally recreate it to match your personal style. It also has a zippered compartment at the bottom for your shoes!!!! I am obsessed with this feature! (The Painted Floral bag is $112, but the customizable versions range from $200-$210)

THREE:::‘vintage’:::Luncheonette Vintage is an Etsy shop with great vintage items. Including this 1960’s American Tourister bag! It has little details that are just perfect! Example: the zipper clicks and locks into the side of the bag, the awesome floral print inside, etc… (AND it’s only $35!!!)

FOUR:::‘sporty’::: Patagonia knows how to make a bag. Get this–the lightweight foam back doubles as a seat cushion! That is genius!! It can be a shoulder bag, backpack or tote! Patagonia thinks of it all…it even balls into the key bag when not in use, like a sleeping bag! Love it. I want it in all colors. ($65…a little for a lot!)

FIVE:::‘classy’::: J.Crew  and their SLOW Bono Tote is pretty, practical and made with high quality leather. It also has a removable canvas interior for easy cleaning and care. This is a bag will be by your side for a long time. It’s timeless. ($355)


Hope you enjoy! And don’t be afraid to tell me about your favorite have-to-see-totes!



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