Travel Ready Totes – For the Men!

Hey fellas — I didn’t forget you! 

( Ladies for your Travel Ready Totes click HERE )

Jacob’s bag just recently acquired broken straps, so this is also the beginning of my search for his replacement! I have to say it is a little harder for the guys…or maybe it was my searching skills.

Here are some weekenders, bowling bags, and vintage carry-ons to accompany you along your journey.


men's tote

ONE:::’hipster’::: Bradley Mountain, created this bag by hand from heavyweight waterproof Martexin Duck Canvas. It not only has great craftsmanship but looks like it can withstand a hike through the mountains. (The Scout model, $150)

TWO:::’stylin’::: Zara is not just a women’s store, they have great items for men, this bowling bag included! It has a nice quilted exterior with the leather finishes. This bag would be great for a weekend getaway. ($99.90)

THREE:::’vintage’:::Green Canyon Trading is selling this 1970’s traveler for some looking to turn heads in the right direction. I absolutely love the carpeted panels. Seventies all the way. Looks to be in great condition! (On Etsy for $74)

FOUR:::’sporty’:::PEASANTSandTRAVELERS’ bag is good to go! It has the waterproof shoe compartment, great from swapping out business shoes for comfy shoes, or from trail blazing shoes to city strolling shoes. Comes also in a pine color! ($165)

FIVE:::’classy’:::J.Crew does it again with the amazing leather bags. This is a bag that will continue to look amazing even with wear…the brass hardware makes for great details. For $475, this can be the next bag you send through airport security. 🙂


Safe travels,


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