Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Ocean Beach, San Diego


Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Ocean Beach, San Diego


If you are planning a trip to San Diego, then make room for a trip to Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is only a 15-20 minute drive from downtown (probably less during the slower times). The heart of Ocean Beach is on Newport Avenue. If you are planning a day within the week to get there, pick Wednesday…that is also the day of the street market along Newport Ave. There is everything from fresh fruits and veggies, to jewelry, to local shops and bakers selling their goods. It starts at 4pm and goes to 8pm. A great thing to do right before you head to your dinner location!



photos by New Break Cafe

BREAKFAST—At Newbreak, the Sunrise Sandwich on an everything bagel is my personal favorite. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their breakfast sandwiches. I was a strong believer in all breakfast sandwiches, didn’t really try any other food items. The coffee is great as well. I love the specialty coffees. The location on Abbott street (end of Newport Avenue) looks right at the water. There are two locations in Ocean Beach, the other being on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. (I just recently found out they have one downtown as well!).



photo by Erika Johnston

LUNCH—OB Smoothie. This is the diamond in the rough. You must go here if you are within a ten mile radius of the place. It is amazing. And I will only allow you to purchase an Acai Bowl. Nope, nothing else, just that. The other menu items are great but the acai bowl is phenomenal! When I have a layover and staying downtown, I will run to this place and then take a taxi back…it really is worth it. Some people don’t know you can add coconut to the top and substitute fruit if you dislike one of the items it comes with. I order the acai bowl with soy and coconut (coconut not pictured in the version above). You won’t regret it. They ask you apple juice or soy as your base for the acai smoothie portion…then you sit and wait for the miracle to happen. A little stroll down Newport Avenue to the beach and pier is the perfect pairing.


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.37.21 PM

photos by Raglan Public House and Pacific Coast Magazine

DINNER— Raglan Public House is a fairly new addition to OB, but a good one. Their burgers are juicy and their sweet potato fries are heavenly. They have amazing beers on tap, a lot being local brews. They also have a beautiful patio. The decor is welcoming and the staff is friendly.  Raglan House is inspired by the New Zealand way of life and the fresh and unique Kiwi food.



photo by Gallagher’s

LATE NIGHT — Gallagher’s  is a local’s joint. You can also find it on Newport Avenue. I personally think Thursdays are the best nights because that means it’s Reggae Night. I have never been a huge Reggae fan, but when it comes to Gallagher’s, I’m a fan. It is a relaxing vibe and chill atmosphere. You can check their website for all upcoming bands and events. Newport Avenue is a great place to bar hop, make sure you swing into Gallagher’s. ALSO, no cover!

Safe travels and Happy adventures,


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