Crete, Greece — Honeymoon (part two cont.)

Back to the honeymoon adventures! It’s hard for me to only pick a minimal amount of pictures to show you all the wonders of our trip. I tried to…but I think I failed…because there are quiet a few pictures below.  I hope you can get to the island of Crete soon…it’s beautiful.

In the pictures, you will see our visit to the Palace of Knossos, Winery Stillanou, and Heraklion.  The beach at Keratokampos (including our drive along the way) and Agios Nikolaos will have to be posted tomorrow. The post was getting a little too long…you would be scrolling for dayyyssss. 😉

Palace of KnossosDSC_0434 DSC_0436DSC_0443 DSC_0446DSC_0450 DSC_0453IMG_1244DSC_0465DSC_0474IMG_1232

Winery Stillanou

IMG_1270IMG_1276 IMG_1282IMG_1283 IMG_1297IMG_1310 IMG_1316IMG_1314IMG_1317IMG_1327IMG_1303

Getting wine right from the vat 🙂


IMG_1423IMG_1356IMG_1431IMG_1402IMG_1408 IMG_1415IMG_1437IMG_1422IMG_1444

Hiking to the old, abondoned windmills.

IMG_1381     IMG_1475 IMG_1477

Happy Adventures!


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