The Last of Crete, Greece

Here we go…the last of the pictures from our time in Crete during our honeymoon. We loved our drives around the island. The one from Koutouloufari to the southern beaches of Keratokampos was especially gorgeous. We went through this picturesque village along the way that I haven’t remembered the name of (which is really driving me crazy! ha). I was obsessed with all the wild poppies growing on the side of the road. There is also a group of pictures of the city of Agios Nikolaos–that was one of my favorite days.  They had a great market, olive wood handcrafted products and beautiful views.

IMG_1557IMG_1558IMG_1491IMG_1497 IMG_1502IMG_1505 IMG_1518IMG_1529IMG_1506IMG_1507  IMG_1526IMG_1534IMG_1571IMG_1573IMG_1587IMG_1565IMG_1588  IMG_1577   IMG_1601IMG_1613

Agios Nikolaos

IMG_1620IMG_1622 IMG_1623IMG_1625 IMG_1635IMG_1633IMG_1627 IMG_1694IMG_1696

Our last day/night in KoutouloufariIMG_1660 IMG_1673 IMG_1692

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