Tips for Living in Smaller Spaces

Living in a studio or small apartment can feel cramped, but let these tips help!

I had to throw away a lot of my belongings when moving across the country–and then on top of that–I downsized from a two bedroom to a studio apartment. I have loved living with less (trying to be a minimalist instead of a hoarder ;)) but I sometimes feel limited in creativity when working with such a small space. I found these articles inspiring and encouraging. I want to tackle our new loft/studio with a new determination to make the space look bigger, feel homier, and show our creativity.

Scones in the Sky Rental Upgrades via Apartment Therapy

Let’s start by ways to upgrade a RENTAL space. Many of us are afraid to take extra steps to enhancing our rental…try out at least one of these awesome suggestions!

Scones in the Sky Creating Space

Here is a studio that is about the size of our current apartment, and they did an incredible job with the overall look and design of the space.

beautiful color studio

This is a beautiful, colorful space that makes me feel at home.

Scones in the Sky Kitchen  via Home Grown Interiors

I am no stranger to limited counter space, but the apartment above has such an easy and practical solution.

studio living

Another visually attractive small studio space. I love the reading nook by the window. Having great lighting in your studio is going to make it look and feel bigger. If you don’t have it naturally, here are ways to get it!

From my studio to yours,


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