A Perfect Day in Portland

Portland has a unique vibe and feel that is so inviting. Everywhere we went I kept thinking or saying aloud, “this place is so cool.” And the people are incredibly nice. I really could have spent all day at Powell’s Books and the whole experience at the McMenamins’ Edgefield was perfect.

Jake, Sam and I started our Saturday afternoon at McMenamin’s Edgefield, which is 74-acres of fun. It was built in 1911, and they utilize everything from the basement now wine cellars to the shed out back now distillery bar.  We happen to arrive during their Half Way to St. Patty’s Day celebration…so random, but a reason to celebrate I guess haha. Near the Distillery Bar they also have a putting area and also a little round of golf if you are interested! There is so much to see and many tasty beers to be had.

 McMenamins Portland | Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Jacob Scones in the SkyIrish Dancing McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Put Put McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland


Next stop was to grab dinner at the food carts on 10th and Adler. Again, so many to choose from–I went with a Super Falafel Pita and it was delicious.

Food Trucks and Me Scones in the SkyFood Trucks PortlandFood Trucks Portland

Around the corner was the Ace Hotel, accompanied by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. So much hip in one block. I kind of loved it.  Jake and Sam tried the coffee on Nitro…basically looked like a dark beer but tasted like an amazing cold bubbly coffee. Genius.

Ace Hotel Portland |Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyPortland Ace HotelPortland Ace HotelScones in the Sky Ace Hotel PortlandPortland Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel PortlandAce Hotel Portland

Lastly, we took our time roaming the book covered shelves of Powell’s Books.  I love books, libraries, cozy reading nooks…those are all places that bring me comfort and help slow down time. I was extremely impressed with their selection and happy to see so many people there.

Powell's Books Portland Powell's Books Portland

The buildings didn’t disappoint either. This one was particularly design happy.

Portland | Scones in the Sky

Happy Adventures,



Vancouver, BC | Capilano Suspension Bridge

Back at it with the blogging! This month was a busy one…with planning the move, family visits, work schedules and all other goodness, it’s been a whirlwind. Which means, I have many things waiting to be shared! 🙂

Other than sleepy time, I had about 8 hrs to spend in Vancouver, and I think I used my time very wisely. Half of my time was spent at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park…which was pretty incredible.

From the airport, the Canada Line will take you from YVR to the Waterfront (Day pass, $9.75–purchased at the 7-Eleven in airport). The Waterfront is the last stop and puts you right downtown near all the action. There is a FREE shuttle to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park that takes off every 15 minutes from the street outside the Convention Center, Canada Place. The Shuttle also makes a few other stops, like hotels in close proximity. Then over the bridge and through the woods, you arrive at the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Honestly, it’s pretty expensive to get into the park. It’s $35.95 for an adult. I was able to get a coupon, if you can hunt one down, it’s the way to go! There are many things to do once inside–I was there for a good 4 hours.

I’ll let my pictures show you around the bridge, cliff walk, and treetop adventure!

  IMG_4675Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge ShuttleVancouver

Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge ParkCapilano Suspension Bridge Park VancouverCapilano Suspension Bridge ParkCapilano Suspension Bridge Park Vancouver TreetopsVancouver Tree Tops Capilano Capilano Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge VancouverVancouver Capilano  J for Johnston Tree Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC   Capilano Cliff Walk, VancouverCapilano Suspension Bridge Park Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Capilano Vancouver, BC

I love an adventure that means experiencing nature and the beauty of Creation. I also found the jackpot to all things Hudson’s Bay! All and all good day.

Happy Adventures,


Transitioning to Fall aka Boot Shopping

The last few days in Chicago have been shockingly cold. It’s too early for that. Seriously, I won’t be able to take cold this early. So my freezing toes got me thinking about how I need some serious winter boots this season. Last year my foot gear didn’t cut it.

I probably spent too many hours looking, per usual, but here are my selections that go from light Fall wandering to dead of Winter trekking. If anybody has a ‘secret weapon’ boot, I would love to hear about them–a pair that is cute but keeps your toes happy!

Scones in the Sky | Short Boots


I stuck with a short boot theme. I find it easier to shop online for shorter boots then higher/long boots.  I had never seen the short Hunter rain boot (#2), – but I’m into it–and the Sorel Caribou (#5) is now coming in more colors and variations which is also great!

Here is the info on the boots above:

1:::Crocket Anke Boot , Jeffery Campbell ::: $122.50

2:::Original Chelsea Boots, HUNTER ::: $125.00

3:::’Fame’ Boot, Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn ::: $159.95

4:::Kioni Tweed, UGG ::: $150.00

5:::Women’s Caribou, Sorel ::: $140.00

6:::Ballard Lace, North Face ::: $130.00

Now with Fall around the corner, I need to prep my carry-on to be a little more plump with the extra layers and boots!

Happy Adventures,



The Perfect Day in Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland was a perfect mix of charm, history, style and tranquility. I really loved the city. I thought our day was perfectly planned and consisted of quiet walks, beautiful architecture, a boat ride on the lake, a peaceful picnic and bridge jumping!

The day started with a walk through Platzpitz Park, that led us to the Drahtschmidlisteg bridge where we took a little dip and a little jump. (First picture is me, second picture is my good friend Kacey.) The water was a tad chilly, but refreshing. There were ladders all along the river to get back up onto the side docks. I loved how active the river was…there were people rowing, swimming and sun-bathing near the bridge.

Scones in the Sky | Bridge Jumping in ZurichScones in the Sky | Bridge Jumping in Zurich

We then took a walk down Bahnhofstrasse, which is the main street with shopping and restaurants. There are many little side streets with adorable cafes, flower shops, and a fancy boutiques.

Scones in the Sky | Zurich, Switzerland

Scones in the Sky | Zurich

Scones in the Sky | Zurich Scones in the Sky | Zurich

Zurich | Scones in the Sky

At the almost end of Bahnhofstrasse, we stumbled upon the famous Sprügnli, which has been creating decadent desserts since 1836. I picked up four macarons – for the picture below, going clockwise from upper left: Passion Fruit with Chocolate, Gold Champagne, Coffee and Raspberry.  And they were Y-U-M-M-Y!Macarons in Zurich | Scones in the Sky

Scones in the Sky | Sprügnli Raspberry Macaron

Continuing on, we arrived at the boat dock, Burkliplatz Zürich. We took the ‘short round trip’ that was an hour and a half long and covered about half of the lake. It cost 8.20 francs per person and was well worth it.  The full round trip being four hours long. I loved passing by the different towns and their variety in landscape & homes. Next time it would be nice to have more time to stop and look around each town. I loved seeing the Alps off in the distance, and wish I could have gotten a good photo of them.

Park above Boating Dock, Zurich | Scones in the SkyBoating Tour, Zurich | Scones in the SkyScones in the Sky | Boating Tour, ZurichBoating Tour, Zurich | Scones in the Sky

After the boat ride, we took the street named Wühre. The street bordered the river, and would go from cobble stone road to a bridge to a tunnel, and I loved it. Along the way, we stopped to visit the two amazing cathedrals in the city: Grossmünster and Fraumünster.

View from Grossmünster Cathedral, Zurich.Grossmünster, Zurich | Scones in the SkyZurich | Scones in the SkyZuric | Scones in the SkyScones in the Sky | ZurichFor dinner, we grabbed groceries at the Coop Bahnhofbrücke and took them along Kloster Fahr-Weg. We reached a dock across from the Panama Bar and Grill. It was a perfect place to picnic, people were swimming, enjoying wine on the sidelines, and no one was on their cell phone. It was serene.

Picnic in Zurich | Scones in the Sky

Picnic in Zurich | Scones in the Sky


Happy adventures,


P.S. There were so many swans…I mean…seriously a fairytale city!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetSwans in Zurich | Scones in the Sky




Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Logan Square, Chicago

Our home boarders Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and Wicker Park. I have already done a Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner posting on Wicker Park and now it’s Logan Square’s turn. We will be moving away from this area soon and that makes me a little sad, because we are just getting to know the hot spots!

Here are some places that we love and usually end up going on the weekends or during our free moments. You can get to them by ‘the L,’ the Blue Line – The Logan Square Stop or the California Stop. They are all very close in walking distance from the train stops.


Bang Bang Pie Shop Scones in the Sky BlogBang Bang Pie Scones in the SkyBang Bang FoodBang Bang OPENDSC_0548  Bang Bang PieMenu

BREAKFAST — Bang Bang Pie is off the California stop on “the L,” and is waiting with a warm biscuit and fresh cup of coffee. On Saturdays and Sundays, this place has a line out the door and around the corner. I took the photos as they were closing one day. So that it why there aren’t people outside in the sitting area. They have a great space to meet up with friends, host a book club, or even plan a rehearsal dinner! They have definitely expanded the menu since I first moved here. It was only biscuits and gravy, pie and coffee to start and now look at the options!!


Parson's Chicken and Fish by Scones in the Sky

Parson's Chicken and Fish Bitter/SourParson's DrinksParson's Chicken and Fish Patio

Parson's Chicken and FishParson's Chicken and Fish El Camino

LUNCH — Parson’s Chicken & Fish has such a cool vibe. They have great design, drinks, and dining areas. Their summer patio is huge and awesome with the outdoor bar. The indoor space is small and somewhat crammed in the winter. We have tried the Hush Puppies, Chicken Sandwich and the Fish Sandwich…all delicious! For drinks, this last time I had the Purple Slushy which is basically a sangria, and Jake had the Bitter/Sour and again…YUM! A popular item is the Negroni Slushy. This is only a 5-10 minute walk from Bang Bang! They even serve Bang Bang pies for dessert!


  Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery Interior Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery  Revolution BreweryRevolution BreweryRevolution BreweryThe Revolution FistsRevolution Brewery by Scones in the Sky

DINNER — Revolution Brewery is an obvious choice. Not only amazing beer, but really good food. They have their main brewery on Kedzie Ave where you can take tours, and see how it’s all done. This location is off the California stop, and on Milwaukee Ave. The Soft Pretzel appetizer makes you feel like you are in Germany. Jake always gets one of their many burgers and he always leaves smiling. I usually get one of the salads or pizzas. The Avocado Chicken Salad and Smoke Stack Pizza are yummy!! We usually get multiple tasters for their beers and enjoy tasting the variety.


Logan Square TheaterLogan TheatreLogan Theatre LoungeLogan Theatre BarLogan Theatre

LATE NIGHT — The Logan Theatre is one of my favorite spots. They kept it old school and the costs low. You can see new and old movies in this three screen theatre for only $7.50 per adult. They have a bar that you can order and drink there or bring it into the show with you. On some days, they have stand up comedy in their lounge area (where Jake is reading before we went into a matinée). We probably go here two-three times a month. It is just such an experience and good time.

Happy Adventures!