Disney World in December { DAY TWO }

To continue our journey through Disney World, we spent the following day at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I think Animal Kingdom is definitely doable in half a day, but Epcot, I wish we had a little more time. We were worn out towards the end of the tour around the different countries. We didn’t get to see the last couple stops (Mexico & Norway). I think Jake and Tyler even ended up sleeping during the American Heritage Show. Haha. There was a lot more to see than I had imagined. We also didn’t get to go on the ride inside the huge dome of Epcot’s center. We did however, ride the Legend of the Forbidden Mountain ride 3 times in Animal Kingdom!! Ha

Day 2:

Animal Kingdom

Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest: The Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

  • Close 2nd would be the DINOSAUR ride! Really cool.

Favorite Show: We went to see the Finding Nemo show, it was good, but pretty strongly directed towards just kids.

Favorite Food or Drink: Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. You know I can’t pass up a coffee and pastry!

We didn’t really eat much at this stop. We packed fruit and PB&J’s because we knew there was going to be much eating and drinking at Epcot.

Must Sees: The Tree of Life, hard to miss, but take a closer look at all the engravings!


Favorite Ride: We didn’t get a chance to go on the one ride at this location.

Favorite Show: The shows happening right outside of China were great!! Captivating for sure.

Favorite Food & Drink: Sampler of beer at the United Kingdom Pub Rose & Crown. Ham & Cheese Croissant at France (found at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie).  YUM!

Must Sees: I really loved Japan. All the unique tea kettles, jewelry and kimonos were just so beautiful!!

The above picture is the Saki sampler (not a huge fan of Saki, but when in Disney Japan…). We also tested the Sangria in Morocco, which was more my style! Then after all the walking and eating and drinking we were still starving. We decided to do a late dinner in downtown Disney…we ended up getting as far as our hotel’s Benihana. 🙂 But still delicious and a fun time watching our chef make our food (I had never been to a restaurant like that–Montana girl, guess didn’t get out much haha).

Can you see the hunger in our eyes?!

Tomorrow I’ll post on the last two days of our trip: Hollywood Studios & our quick trip to Universal Studios!

Happy adventures!




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