Disney World in December { Day THREE & FOUR }

Onward…to the end of the Disney adventure. Saturday and Sunday were the busiest days, Hollywood Studios seemed to be the most crowded. We were still able to go on the Tower of Terror three times and the Rock’n’Roller Coaster twice…so you can still make things happen! Universal was quiet until you entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But, that was understandable, it was legit. They did such a good job with bringing those books to life.

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Favorite Ride: Rock’n’Roller Coaster –cue “Dude (Looks Like a Lady).”

Favorite Show: Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights –happens only in December and it was incredible (see the awesome Christmas light photos below!!). Fantasmic was good too!!

Favorite Food and Drink: Our meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In was amazing! The gourmet burger (had fried mac’n’cheese on it!!!), and an Oreo shake! Yes, that was only thing we ate that day haha. Amy ordered the Oreo shake mixed with peppermint, so it was like a Thin Mint Cookie shake…so yummy!

Favorite Dining Experience: The Sci-Fi Dine-In exceeded all my expectations. Tyler had made the reservation without telling us, to make it a surprise. And it was awesome. It was a huge drive-in movie theater where you actually had your meal delivered to “your car” and the big screen right there in front of you played old school short films and commercials.

Must-Sees: You have to peek in to see the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. They brought the 50’s to you!

Day 4: Universal Studios

Favorite Ride: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (the ride inside Hogwarts Castle). There was a long line and we were running out of time, so we went into the single riders lane and split up. I ended up going with Jake anyways, and only took about 5-10minutes. Great call, if you want to zoom through the rides.

  • Also, the Transformer 3D Ride was extremely cool and felt so real!

Favorite Food and Drink: Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, I ordered the “Great Feast” platter which came with ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Oh and of course a Butterbeer!! Holy cow was that delicious.

Must Sees: Diagon Alley Dragon breathes fire…need I say more… 😉

It’s fun to look back at our trip and see how much we were able to experience. It was a trip to remember. I was reminded that there is no rule, nothing set in stone, saying that you have to grow up…it’s okay to act like a kid and smile and enjoy life-like it is one big Magical Kingdom ;).

Happy Adventures,



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