Winter Wonderland – Montana Sledding

Montana shines brightest right after a snowstorm. The sun comes out and so do the sleds. Nothing like gliding through a slope of untouched snow. Montana Snow     

I found this deer antler in the haystacks by our sledding hill. Looks like the deer was feeding on the haystacks and shed its horn right then and there! Pretty cool. Only in MT.

I was so happy to spend this last part of 2014 with my family and share some of my childhood excitement of sledding with my husband. I dare you to try to go sledding without a smile. It’s impossible. And if you do happen to accomplish that…we need to chat.

Happy adventures,


3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – Montana Sledding

  1. stunning (the blue skies and bright white snow), adorable (little Z!!!) and wild (antlers?!) and fun. how lovely to get to spend quality time at home with your family (:

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