Sweat Anywhere — Exercise at home or on the go!


You don’t have to be at your home gym to get a workout in. Being a flight attendant makes it hard to get in a workout each day, but I don’t let that be an excuse. There are so many tools out there to keep you accountable.

Here are a few workouts, tips, apps, and other things I use to help keep me going:


Nike Training Club. NTC is the best of the best when it comes getting the most out of minimal space and limited time. You get to choose from a large variety of workouts, right at your finger tips. They usually range from 10-45 minutes. It allows you to have full control of what your workout will look like. And you will sweat no doubt about it!

Nike Training Club | Scones in the Sky Blog

myfitnesspal Traveling can mean eating a whole lot of junk. Myfitnesspal helps to keep me in check with what I consume. It might also mean that I have to workout a little harder than I thought because I splurged a little too much that day. It’s a calorie counter but so much cooler.

myfitnesspal | Scones in the Sky Blog

Map My Run I love running through a city, especially one I haven’t been to yet. It’s a great way to explore while burning some calories. Map My Run app is perfect for getting a look at your run’s stats. It tracks your run, coaches you along the way if you want. You can of course choose your music, and share with friends on where you’re going!

Map My Run | Scones in the Sky Blog

I also like to have encouragement at every turn. So, here are some people I like to follow on social media to give me that extra encouragement on the days I’m feeling sluggish.


@fitwithcass Cass Wendell is a killer athlete and health & fitness trainer. She also has a blog >> http://www.hellocass.com/fitwcass

@nikewomen Nike Women–cute outfits but also some fit inspiration!

@katehiipakka Kate is a Nike Master Trainer and she is badass. Plain and simple.

@nikkimetzger Nikki is the owner of BODI gym and was my first instructor at a Nike Training Club class. She is not only super fit but the most motivating person I have every encountered!

Also–as part of my blogger feed I love blivewear‘s posts (here smoothie recipe’s are a-mazing!).

There is always time for a workout, big or small. Sometimes, I get home and can’t imagine braving the cold again to head to the gym…but don’t be fooled you still have a chance. I will find myself watching the Bachelor (I know, I know!), and during the many commercials breaks I’ll go through the circuit of 10 push ups, 20 crunches, 30 squats and plank for a minute and REPEAT until the show starts again. You do that for all commercials breaks over that hour or two, totally counts as a workout–and you will be anticipating that rose ceremony even more!

SWEAT ANYWHERE | Scones in the Sky Blog

This is my version of an Nike Training Club ad ;). It’s me in Cozumel, stretching after a nice “Slim Effect” NTC workout (under Get Lean, Intermediate).

Happy Workouts & Adventures,


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