Hey you! First of all thank you for visiting the site! A little about me…I am a recent wife, pastry-lover and all around explorer of curiosities. I get to discover unique city styles, eat awesome food and chit-chat with strangers while I work as a flight attendant. Yay! With this blog; I hope you can join me in the search for adventures, share my excitement for discovering new ways to make an awesome blueberry scone, discover a new running path or appreciate the hole in the wall restaurant. These are the small moments to cherish –Life is good and we are blessed with an awesome land for exploring! Let’s have daily adventures!

I was a small town girl under the Big Sky in Montana. I got my degree at an amazing school in San Diego. I worked in the events, bridal and fashion industries for years and NOW I’ve taken it to the skies. I landed in Chicago, where I now live with my loving husband Jacob.

About Scones in the Sky:

The name Scones in the Sky came about when I heard the idiom “pie in the sky”—which means preposterously optimistic goal or hoping for a special reward. So, I thought I would create my own version, “scones in the sky.” The new and improved phrase meaning-why not be optimistic and pursue the rewards of life! Pursue those scones in the sky! Also, you will come to find out I love scones…



If you are wondering who created this incredible logo/calligraphy mastery, it is credited to the amazing Lady Lewton (Brittany Lewton). She has a great Instagram feed found HERE or username: ladylewton and also keep her in mind if needing any beautiful calligraphy in the near future!

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