Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Lakeview, Chicago

I can’t believe I have yet to share a food guide to Lakeview! Well, here it is!

All of these places are walking distance from the Belmont ‘L’ stop on the Red, Purple & Brown lines. Lakeview’s borders are very grey too me, it seems to be one of the biggest neighborhoods of Chicago. So, I tried to focus these go-to spots to a smaller radius, mostly on Belmont Ave. & Southport Ave.


::For Coffee & Scones:: BITTERSWEET BAKERY – I love their selection of pastries here. If you go early enough, they will usually have 8 different types of scones! (Insert “praise hands” emoji)! My favorite scone being their apricot scone. They also have great desserts if you want something to-go!

::For a hearty Breakfast:: ANN SATHER – This is a Lakeview and Chicago staple. Ann Sather’s has adorable Swedish charm and delicious food to match. This spot is very reasonably priced (each dish coming with two sides, one of them = two cinnamon rolls that will seriously make you fall off your chair)! I have heard amazing things about the Swedish pancakes, I however ordered an omelet with the cinnamon rolls and hash browns as sides. Very tasty.


:::Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market – A great new addition to the area! We were hesitant to try this spot…just thinking a fish market can easily be a big flop. But, let me tell you that this lunch location is not to be overlooked! The clam chowder is to die for! I think it is better than those that I’ve tasted in San Fran. Their signature sandwich, the “Crabster,” is A-MAZING. So much crab! You can’t go wrong with this new neighborhood hit.

Fahlstrom's Fresh Fish Market Fahlstrom's Fresh Fish Market


:::Ukai Japanese Restaurant – I know, I know I put seafood also for lunch…but this sushi is so delicious, I couldn’t leave it out! This spot is BYOB, which is nice too. They have great signature rolls, my fave being the Cubs Roll, Jake’s being the Spicy Rainbow. I didn’t get pictures of this place, but here is one of the inside from their Yelp site.

Ukai Japanese


:::Jeni’s Ice Cream – Unique flavors and homemade waffle cones…rockstar combo. I could just stand outside this little storefront and smell the air for hours. I could also probably spend my afternoon trying every flavor. My first round was the Wildberry Lavender with a scoop of the Toasted Brioche with Butter and Raspberry Jam. Any choice would be a good one! This is definitely going to be a reoccurring summer pit stop.

Jenny's Ice Cream SouthportJeni's Ice CreamJenny's Ice Cream


:::Music Box Theatre – It is worth going here just so you can see inside this building. The theatre holds so much history and elegance. They show many film festivals here as well as an eclectic assortment of older films. They just completed their bar/cocktail space as well!!Music Box Theatre Music Box Theatre Music Box Theatre

I hope you get a chance to stop in to some of these places on your next visit to Chicago!!

Happy Adventures,


Ginger Chai Toddy – Last Farewell to Winter

Winter is almost over!!! Chicago brightened up with one day of 60’s then went back down to the 30’s, my hope is still alive though! With this change of season, we found it best to say goodbye to winter with a ginger chai toddy. Not only because we will soon be changing to summer-y iced cocktails and fruit infused beverages, but because it also sends a nice warmth down your body to clear up any lingering cold left from winter.

Ginger Chai Toddy Recipe | Scones in the Sky

Ginger Chai Toddy | Scones in the Sky
Our simple recipe & what you’ll need:

  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 bags of Ginger Tea (real ginger if preferred)
  • 4 bags of Chai Tea
  • Rum (for the extra warmth :))

Steep bags of tea in about 4 cups of hot water for 5-8 minutes. {You can either boil water in the kettle and put into carafe like shown, or steep in pot on the stove after water has come to a boil.} Cut the lemon into slices and put into pot or carafe while tea is steeping (leaving a few slices for garnish). Add fresh ginger and cloves if desired. After, pour into desired glass and add 1-2oz of Rum. Stir and garnish with lemon.

Now you have a yummy drink to warm up the tummy & to get through the last days of winter.

Ginger Chai Toddy Recipe | Scones in the Sky




Peaches N’ Oats Muffins

Back to baking! I have not done a lot of baking since we moved to our new place in Lakeview. Which makes me sad, because I love muffins, scones and breads! I started on my vacation time on Monday, so I was able to break that spell with these Peaches N’ Oats Muffins! I found them super yummy. The peaches were extra ripe, which made the muffins moist and flavorful. They are also very easy! I hope you get the chance to make them!

Peaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the Sky BlogPeaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the Sky BlogPeaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the Sky BlogPeaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the SkyPeaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the Sky Blog

What you need:

1 Cup All-purpose Flour

1 Cup Rolled Oats

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar (packed)

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1/2 Cup (one stick) Butter-melted or very soft

1 Cup Sour Cream

1 Egg

1/4 Cup Whipping cream or milk (optional for extra moisture)

1 Cup of Peaches (cut into cubes)

~Makes 12 muffins


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Take muffin tray and line with paper liners or spray with coconut oil or type of cooking oil to coat.
  • Combine Flour, Oats, Brown Sugar & Baking Powder in large bowl.
  • In separate bowl, combine Butter, Egg, Sour Cream and optional milk/whipping cream.
  • Next combine the two bowls of ingredients, with adding the Peaches last gently with a spatula.
  • Fill muffins tray so the batter almost reaches the top.
  • For extra sweetness, add a large sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to the top of each muffin before baking.  (just combing 1/4 cup sugar + 1tbs cinnamon).
  • Cook for 16 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

Peaches N' Oats Muffins | Scones in the Sky Blog


The recipe revised from Damn Delicious.

Enjoy and Happy Adventures,



Disney World in December { DAY TWO }

To continue our journey through Disney World, we spent the following day at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I think Animal Kingdom is definitely doable in half a day, but Epcot, I wish we had a little more time. We were worn out towards the end of the tour around the different countries. We didn’t get to see the last couple stops (Mexico & Norway). I think Jake and Tyler even ended up sleeping during the American Heritage Show. Haha. There was a lot more to see than I had imagined. We also didn’t get to go on the ride inside the huge dome of Epcot’s center. We did however, ride the Legend of the Forbidden Mountain ride 3 times in Animal Kingdom!! Ha

Day 2:

Animal Kingdom

Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest: The Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

  • Close 2nd would be the DINOSAUR ride! Really cool.

Favorite Show: We went to see the Finding Nemo show, it was good, but pretty strongly directed towards just kids.

Favorite Food or Drink: Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. You know I can’t pass up a coffee and pastry!

We didn’t really eat much at this stop. We packed fruit and PB&J’s because we knew there was going to be much eating and drinking at Epcot.

Must Sees: The Tree of Life, hard to miss, but take a closer look at all the engravings!


Favorite Ride: We didn’t get a chance to go on the one ride at this location.

Favorite Show: The shows happening right outside of China were great!! Captivating for sure.

Favorite Food & Drink: Sampler of beer at the United Kingdom Pub Rose & Crown. Ham & Cheese Croissant at France (found at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie).  YUM!

Must Sees: I really loved Japan. All the unique tea kettles, jewelry and kimonos were just so beautiful!!

The above picture is the Saki sampler (not a huge fan of Saki, but when in Disney Japan…). We also tested the Sangria in Morocco, which was more my style! Then after all the walking and eating and drinking we were still starving. We decided to do a late dinner in downtown Disney…we ended up getting as far as our hotel’s Benihana. 🙂 But still delicious and a fun time watching our chef make our food (I had never been to a restaurant like that–Montana girl, guess didn’t get out much haha).

Can you see the hunger in our eyes?!

Tomorrow I’ll post on the last two days of our trip: Hollywood Studios & our quick trip to Universal Studios!

Happy adventures!




New Orleans, LA– An Awesome Place to Celebrate!

We celebrated our 1 YEAR wedding anniversary on October 24th! It feels like yesterday that we were saying our vows…that’s so cliché but so unbelievably true. I’m sure I’ll say that every year. Jake had never been to New Orleans, and I had been once on a layover. He picked the location about a week before, we found this Airbnb and off we went!

NOLA felt like another country to me. Only a two hour plane ride, and it seemed like we were transported to another world. This is why I say that–the food is like nothing I have ever eaten, the people are unique (friendly, eclectic, and move to the beat of their own drum), and the buildings and homes stand out in color, shape and size. I loved it.

Our trip ended up going like this:
Day 1

  • Early morning arrival, taxi to Airbnb (All taxis are a flat rate $33 for 1-2 people, no meters involved)
  • Drop suitcases at the home and cruise on our complimentary bikes to the French Market.
  • Grab an ice cream Daiquiri at the Gazebo Cafe.
  • Stroll the streets of the French Quarter.
  • Chow down on some Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red beans & Rice and Fried Chicken at Coop’s Place for lunch.
  • Stop at every corner to listen, as the Jazz fills your ears.
  • Ride back to our Airbnb to freshen up (we heard people stay out to 3-4am, so we had to get prepared).
  • Hit Frenchmen Street all night long, hopping from bar to bar. *You will be amazed at all the talent and variety!!
  • We had our late night dinner at a Cafe Negril–which is a bar with awesome music and food was surprisingly delicious! Shrimp Tacos…yum yum.
  • Between the two nights, we probably hit most of the spots on this street… the BMC (Balcony Music Club) had a great line up. The drinks are priced a little too high there, but the band was incredible.

Day 2

  • Start the morning at Cafe Du Monde for a pile of powder sugar and a delicious French donut (famous for their coffee and beignets).
  • Explore a new neighborhood. We rode to the neighborhood of Bywater.
  • They were having the Mirliton Festival that weekend. Who knows what a Mirliton is? Not me…guess it’s a vegetable! Ha
    • The festival was dedicated to this forgotten vegetable! All the food dishes had it creatively used, there was even a guy dressed up as a Mirliton! It was awesome. More Jazz, art, jewelry and unique finds too!
  • We spent a lot of the morning and afternoon getting to know Bywater…staring at homes, perusing shops and always eating & drinking.
  • Next, it was time for Oysters at ACME. Just do it. (Also the Seafood Étouffée was phenomenal).
  • More exploring and a few French Market purchases later, we were coming to the end of our second night.
  • The Frenchmen Street was still the scene on the second night too. They also had a little ‘market’ in a parking lot off of Frenchman St. Where again, you can find little handmade treasures to take home as souvenirs!

Overall, an awesome place to celebrate, forget about work, and surround yourself with sunshine and good people. Move New Orleans to the top of your destination wish list!

<Here are the pictures that follow the events from above>

New Orleans Airbnb | Scones in the SkyAirbnb Scones in the Sky French Market NOLA | Scones in the SkyFrench Market NOLA | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter NOLA | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter New Orleans | Scones in the Sky French Quarter New Orleans | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter New Orleans | Scones in the SkyCoop's Place NOLA | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter | Scones in the Sky French Quarter | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter | Scones in the Sky French Quarter | Scones in the SkyFrench Quarter | Scones in the Sky Scones in the Sky | French Quarter French Quarter | Scones in the Sky Bourbon Street | Scones in the Sky French Quarter NOLA | Scones in the Sky French Quarter |Scones in the Sky  New Orleans Bike Ride | Scones in the Sky Frenchmen Street | Scones in the SkyNight Ride NOLA | Scones in the Sky Scones in the Sky Cafe Du Monde | Scones in the SkyCafe Du MondeCafe Du Monde NOLA | Scones in the Sky Selfie | Scones in the SkyBeignets Cafe Du Monde | Scones in the SkyNOLA | Scones in the Sky Scones in the Sky  Bywater NOLA | Scones in New Orleans | Scones in the SkyMirliton Festival NOLA | Scones in the Sky NOLA | Scones in the SkyFestival Band | Scones in the Sky  NOLA | Scones in the Sky ACME Oyster House | Scones in the SkyACME Oysters | Scones in the SkyNOLA Oyster Cans | Scones in the Sky NOLA | Scones in the SkyRiding through NOLA | Scones in the Sky


Happy Adventures,



Fall Drinks & Tea Time

Fall happens to be a lot of people’s favorite season. And I think I know why…not the colorful leaves or the cute boots…but the DRINKS. With the falling leaves come tasty beverages! Below, I have pictures with corresponding links, where you can find recipes to my three favorite Fall drinks. Also if you go by a Trader Joe’s, they have incredible Fall everything! Today, I bought pumpkin ravioli,  pumpkin chai tea mix and spiced apple cider…amazing.

:::The Chai Tea Latte:::

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkyHomemade Chai Hot, Iced & Concentrate — by Gimme Some Oven

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkyAuthentic Chai– by the kithcn

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkySmall Measures Homemade Chai — by Design Sponge

:::The Apple Cider:::

Apple Cider  Recipe | Scones in the Sky Homemade Hot Apple Cider — by Hint of Vanilla

Apple Cider Tea | David's Tea | Scones in the SkySweet Apple Cider Tea — by David’s Tea

Apple Cider Recipe | Scones in the SkyApple Cider — by DELICIOUS SHOTS

::: The Hot Toddy:::

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyIntensi-Toddy — by joylicious

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyMaple + Oatmeal Stout Hot Toddy — by The Gouda Life

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyMeyer Lemon & Sage Hot Toddy — by Katie at the Kitchen Door

This will be getting whipped up in my kitchen ASAP! Once our kitchen is done with it’s renovation of course. Our loft management company is taking up valuable fall drink-making space! 😉 But it will be nice to have an update, that’s for sure.

I’m in the process of thinking of a new beverage creation that really says, “Drink Me, I taste like Fall.” So wish me luck on that endeavor and if you have any suggestions let me hear ’em!

Happy warm & cozy drinking!


Pit Stop in New York, New York

If you are feeling extra adventurous on a layover between flights, you could always take a quick trip into the city without a lot of hassle! Let’s say you have 6hrs at the Newark airport…you get in at 10:30am and your next flight doesn’t leave until 4:55pm. You would probably first see if you there is an earlier flight that you can transfer to, or you might just take a few hours to explore New York.

Right from the airport you can take the AirTran to the New Jersey Transit station. There you can buy a $25 round trip ride to Penn Station in New York City. It is only 3 stops away and takes about 30 minutes.  It puts your right at the heart of the transportation hub. You can get to any part of the city from Penn.

I had about 6 hours and was able to go into the city, see some of my family, eat at a hip city restaurant and make it back to the airport all in under 5 hours.  I can also see how this would be stressful. But sometimes, the flights that have the really long layovers are cheaper, and it could give you a chance to see something new! I know a lot of airports that have trains right from the airport into city; I had already written about a few like Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York and the list goes on! A lot of them are cheaper than New York’s fee, but it was still worth it!

Here are some pictures from my little adventure. The Meatball Shop (the Chelsea location) is in walking distance from Penn Station. Food was scrumptious and the sangria refreshing!

The Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Beautiful Cousin | Scones in the SkyThe Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop MenusThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Aunt & Cousin | Scones in the Sky

Below is a snap shot of the Newark Airport station for the NJ Transit.

NJ Transit Newark Airport

Happy Adventures,