Pit Stop in New York, New York

If you are feeling extra adventurous on a layover between flights, you could always take a quick trip into the city without a lot of hassle! Let’s say you have 6hrs at the Newark airport…you get in at 10:30am and your next flight doesn’t leave until 4:55pm. You would probably first see if you there is an earlier flight that you can transfer to, or you might just take a few hours to explore New York.

Right from the airport you can take the AirTran to the New Jersey Transit station. There you can buy a $25 round trip ride to Penn Station in New York City. It is only 3 stops away and takes about 30 minutes.  It puts your right at the heart of the transportation hub. You can get to any part of the city from Penn.

I had about 6 hours and was able to go into the city, see some of my family, eat at a hip city restaurant and make it back to the airport all in under 5 hours.  I can also see how this would be stressful. But sometimes, the flights that have the really long layovers are cheaper, and it could give you a chance to see something new! I know a lot of airports that have trains right from the airport into city; I had already written about a few like Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York and the list goes on! A lot of them are cheaper than New York’s fee, but it was still worth it!

Here are some pictures from my little adventure. The Meatball Shop (the Chelsea location) is in walking distance from Penn Station. Food was scrumptious and the sangria refreshing!

The Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Beautiful Cousin | Scones in the SkyThe Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop MenusThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Aunt & Cousin | Scones in the Sky

Below is a snap shot of the Newark Airport station for the NJ Transit.

NJ Transit Newark Airport

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