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Guide to the Best Brews of Brussels

Belgium beer are the bee’s knees. I was going to first provide a full Brussels City Guide, but I think that it is important to create one just for the beer! And the beer being a main course in Belgium, it only seemed fitting.


Our first stop was Cafe Leffe. As you can see below, we didn’t even get to our Airbnb to drop off our bags, having a Leffe was first on the list. This spot is not only in the beautiful Salon Center but also has all Leffe brews on tap. The Leffe Ruby being my favorite, so refreshing and yummy. We definitely came back here multiple times.

Brussels | Caffe Leffe | Scones In The Sky Blog Caffe Leffe | Ruby Leffe | Scones in the Sky BlogCafe Leffe  | Scones In The Sky Blog


Delirium Cafe is known for their beer selection…as in 2400 different types of beer! They have a catalog for their beer menu…it’s crazy. It is kind of chaotic here, but worth checking out! We first ordered the Delirium Nocturnum on tap > Delicious! Then we went on to beers like the La Trappe, Pink Killer, and St. Bernardus. Great spot when looking for a unique selection of beer!

Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog


Au Brasseur was the only place where we could find a sampler of Belgium Beers. You can order a sampler of 3, 6, 9 or 15 Belgium beers. This place was packed at night so we went during the late afternoon, when it was slower and shared the 9 beer sampler. {ALSO: The only take CASH Euros, no cards accepted.}

Au Brasseur | Belgium | Scones in the Sky Blog

Plus: There are many shops where you can browse beers by region!

Belgian Beers | Scones in the Sky

Look for more pictures and full city guide coming soon!

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My Eight Carry-On Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

My carry-on bag for those long cross-Atlantic flights has been perfected! I currently don’t work many international flights (due to my base & seniority mostly), but I do fly a lot of red-eyes and try to take as many weekend trips to Europe that I can fit in. Now with more of a routine in place, it makes those 8+ hours feel less intimidating.

Long Haul Essentials

Here is how I prepared for a red-eye or flight across the Atlantic, to say Brussels :). 

Step One::: Before I head to the airport, I shower and put my hair in a braid (using Essential #5, an EMI-JAY hair tie).

Step Two::: Confirm I have my passport, and that all the essentials above are in my carry-on! I also try to pack an empty water bottle to fill at the airport.

Step 3::: Once onboard and settled, I usually like to watch one movie and then after sleep for the next 4 or 5 hours. Ask for a cup of hot water and add the Zarbee’s Night Time Drink (Essential #1). It will not only protect your throat but ease you into a nice peaceful sleep.

[ I usually struggle to get to sleep and then if I do sleep, wake with a dry and sore throat. In a perfect world, I would not sleep with my mouth open…bahaha. Luckily, I finally found something that solves my problem >>ZARBEE’S!! They also have vitamin-filled or immune support supplements! AND with great ingredients!]

Step 4::: I find it necessary to have a sleep mask (Essential #2, accompanied by eye drops). If you are near a galley or bathroom there will always be a light on, and the mask solves that dilemma.

Step 5:::  Flights arrive into Europe in the morning, so I like to hit the ground running, no time to waste! Once I wake up, I go into the restroom and take out my braid, finger comb and fluff (maybe even apply some dry-shampoo, it can be hard to find in travel size). My hair was contained in the braid for my sleep and now can be let down with a nice wave.

Step 6::: I wipe down my face with a refreshing YestoCucumbers Face Wipes (Essential #4) and reapply makeup if I’m feeling ambitious.

Step 7::: And then of course brush my teeth and use some mouthwash (Essentials #7), that always helps with waking up too. After, apply some Burt’s Bees lip balm (Essential #3, the only chapstick that I use).

Step 8::: Finally hands need some EOS hand lotion (Essential #8).

ALSO:: Drink LOTS of water! Ricola drops (Essential #6) are a soothing treat too. Lemon mint is my favorite flavor :).

Long Haul Flight Essentials

Would always love to hear your travel tips or routines!

Happy travels!


Summer is Coming!

As I look to the upcoming events of the summer, I realized that it’s going to be busy and awesome. We will be visiting family for weddings, graduations and baby showers. While also getting visited by parents to explore Chicago in its prime.

Coming up this summer are some anticipated adventures like: the World’s Largest Yard Sale (goes through 6 states) and The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane. Jake and I have been big garage-sale-goers since we started dating. We love turning old, worn treasures into something special for our home. My mom is also launching her store front this summer called Saturday Mornings. She is the ultimate treasure-finder! We plan to rummage until our legs are jello and our trailer is brimming with goodies.

What do you all have planned for the summer? Any events where I should make an appearance?

Here’s the scoop on some of my big summer events:


June 6th-7th: Spokane, WA

My mom went to this event last year, she said it was full of people selling their own crafted items, antique finds and much more. It’s still a pretty new event but has been growing quickly.  It is an $8 cash fee to get in per day.  This show is an extra bonus to the main event being able to see my brother Evan at Mission Aviation School! Hoping he takes me up for a ride :).

The Farm Chicks Show  Farm Chicks ShowThe Farm Chicks Show

:::World’s LARGEST Yard Sale:::

August 6th-9th

Here are a few images that give you a taste of what this adventure is all about. It’s 690 miles of people, food, junk and hidden treasures. These images were found on Pinterest. I hope by the end of this summer I can equip you with a full guide to conquering this adventure. And also supply you with some great photos.

Longest Yard Sale1Longest Yard Sale


Obviously, Chicago Festivals are going to be a key part to our summer. I love Chicago’s love for the summer months. People take full advantage of the warm weather here.

Click the picture to see a full schedule:

Chicago Festival Schedule

We can’t wait for Venice, possibly China to see my sister-in-law, and Montana too! I would love to hear some suggestions on what events to put into the summer schedule for either this year or next!

Also —-coming in the next week will be a City Guide to Brussels, Belgium!

Happy Adventures,


Life in the Sky

View from 30,000 feet  View from the Top

I’m not really one to write about flight attendant life…one of the reasons being, it seems hard to explain. I received my bachelors in Managerial & Organizational Communication with a minor in Public Relations. I am smart and skilled. And people ask why did you become a flight attendant? Like I just settled for something or downgraded…truly this is a job like no other and can be compared to no other.

I grew up in a very exploration-minded home. My parents wanting us kids to see new cities and worlds. I treasured road trips with my mom and three brothers from Montana to California each year. I distinctly remember having to barter for a wallet on Canal Street in New York at age 12. My father took trips around the world, to places like Tajikistan or Zimbabwe and always returning with stories and goodies from across the globe. I knew what the feeling of seeing new places and meeting new people gave me. When I studied abroad in Prague, that’s when traveling really became a passion for me. I wanted to see how people lived…everywhere. I wanted to witness where they called home, even just for a short time. I wanted to discover each city for its uniqueness. And I realized, well yes, there is such a job where I can travel, meet people, and walk through a new city each week.

Having the privilege to travel is priceless. Being able to get on a plane to see my family whenever I can, is beyond a blessing. Feeling like I have the world at my fingertips is liberating! My bucket list seems possible, my dreams become reality. I’m in Florida on the beach one day and in Vancouver in the canopy of trees the next. One of my friends, who is also a flight attendant, will literally come to Chicago for the day to have lunch with me and go to a Chicago Cubs game. Then she will hop on the plane to work a flight to Germany.

This job does come with certain responsibilities and struggles too. The pressure of people’s safety being one and the thought of one day having to face a life-threatening situation being another. But being away from Jacob is my top struggle. We love to travel together and that is seriously the best. Jacob is understanding and gracious and knows that I enjoy what I do, but sometimes, being home with him is the only place I want to be.  The job can also be very exhausting. Work hours become days and days become nights and you have to remember what city you landed in the night before. All that considered, when Jacob and I step off the plane in a foreign city there is a rush of excitement and adventure that matches no other feeling for me.

Lastly, this job has shown me how much people need God’s love. People need a smiling face and a warm gesture. People need to feel welcome and wanted. People want to know they matter. I could do that with many jobs. But this one seems to fit me. With this job, 160+ people are stuck with me at 30,000 feet, you bet I’m going to make them feel safe and welcome. And hopefully, I’ll get a chance to talk to some and maybe make a new friend or be that person that makes someone’s day a little brighter. This journey of life can be an epic adventure. I plan to use my gifts to the best of my ability, meet awesome people, and never stop exploring.

Happy Adventures (& thanks for reading!),


Joshua Tree National Park – Camping and Climbing

Jake has been dreaming about Joshua Tree National Park, and the feeling of the sun on his back as he climbs past the “Dr. Seuss trees” up to the top of a boulder formation.

We had such an amazing camping trip there a few years back. I was looking through the pictures and remembering how incredible it was.

It is relatively easy to get to. If you aren’t local, you can fly into Palm Springs, LAX, Santa Ana (Orange County) or  San Diego.  Then get there by renting a car.  You can also rent camping gear at Joshua Tree Outfitters — anything from tents & sleeping bags to a Coleman camping stove!

When we went, we stayed at the Jumbo Rocks Campsite, it’s the biggest with 124 sites. They have a fee of $10 per site. It was also the closest to the Skull Rock Trail. For reservation information and more about the park you can click HERE.

There are some really cool Airbnbs there too!!

Joshua Tree National Park | Scones in the SkyJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the SkySkull Rock Trail | Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Joshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky Joshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the SkyJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogSkull Rock Joshua Tree National Park | Scones in the Sky BlogSunset in Joshua Tree | Scones in the Sky BlogSunset over Joshua Tree | Scones in the Sky BlogScones in the Sky Blog | Joshua Tree National ParkScones in the Sky | Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree | Scones in the Sky BlogScones in the Sky Blog | Joshua TreeJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the SkyJoshua Tree National Park | Scones in the SkyJoshua Tree National Park Scones in the Sky BlogScones in the Sky Blog

This is probably one of my husband’s favorite places. For him, Joshua Tree is all about rocks, he loves to climb and be outside. The weather is rarely bad, unless it’s the dead of summer, then you might have some serious heat issues. It’s a great place for every level of hiking and climbing. Also, perfect for groups!

Happy Adventures,