Summer is Coming!

As I look to the upcoming events of the summer, I realized that it’s going to be busy and awesome. We will be visiting family for weddings, graduations and baby showers. While also getting visited by parents to explore Chicago in its prime.

Coming up this summer are some anticipated adventures like: the World’s Largest Yard Sale (goes through 6 states) and The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane. Jake and I have been big garage-sale-goers since we started dating. We love turning old, worn treasures into something special for our home. My mom is also launching her store front this summer called Saturday Mornings. She is the ultimate treasure-finder! We plan to rummage until our legs are jello and our trailer is brimming with goodies.

What do you all have planned for the summer? Any events where I should make an appearance?

Here’s the scoop on some of my big summer events:


June 6th-7th: Spokane, WA

My mom went to this event last year, she said it was full of people selling their own crafted items, antique finds and much more. It’s still a pretty new event but has been growing quickly.  It is an $8 cash fee to get in per day.  This show is an extra bonus to the main event being able to see my brother Evan at Mission Aviation School! Hoping he takes me up for a ride :).

The Farm Chicks Show  Farm Chicks ShowThe Farm Chicks Show

:::World’s LARGEST Yard Sale:::

August 6th-9th

Here are a few images that give you a taste of what this adventure is all about. It’s 690 miles of people, food, junk and hidden treasures. These images were found on Pinterest. I hope by the end of this summer I can equip you with a full guide to conquering this adventure. And also supply you with some great photos.

Longest Yard Sale1Longest Yard Sale


Obviously, Chicago Festivals are going to be a key part to our summer. I love Chicago’s love for the summer months. People take full advantage of the warm weather here.

Click the picture to see a full schedule:

Chicago Festival Schedule

We can’t wait for Venice, possibly China to see my sister-in-law, and Montana too! I would love to hear some suggestions on what events to put into the summer schedule for either this year or next!

Also —-coming in the next week will be a City Guide to Brussels, Belgium!

Happy Adventures,


Randolph Street Market & Apartment Hunting

Last week we signed for another year in Chicago! We were shopping early online and stumbled upon a refurbished Brewery, loft style, in a new area near the lake! I’m excited to explore a new neighborhood of Chicago and also redecorate a new space :). So that means a lot of Pinterest browsing, antique market shopping, and also searching for organization tips.

While my mom was here last week, we went to the Randolph Street Market, which happens one weekend out of the month and has about 250 vendors! Here were some of my pictures from the shop-a-thon. 🙂

 Scones in the Sky Crates Scones in the Sky MarketScones in the Sky Market 1Scones in the Sky Market 2Scones in the Sky Market 3 Scones in the Sky market 4Scones in the Sky HutchScones in the Sky Vintage

Jake and I decorated our current apartment pretty simply. A lot of neutrals, vintage furniture and basic lines and colors. I am hoping to give a new feel to our next place. Jake says he wants it to look like “the Jetsons” haha aka retro, 70’s meets futuristic, with a splash of Palm Springs flare. That’s how I took it at least…I will have to give you a before and after to see how it turns out. We hope to incorporate things that we have gathered from our travels as well.  It’s a new adventure that gets me just as excited as setting foot in a new city.

Hope you all had a great weekend!