Guide to the Best Brews of Brussels

Belgium beer are the bee’s knees. I was going to first provide a full Brussels City Guide, but I think that it is important to create one just for the beer! And the beer being a main course in Belgium, it only seemed fitting.


Our first stop was Cafe Leffe. As you can see below, we didn’t even get to our Airbnb to drop off our bags, having a Leffe was first on the list. This spot is not only in the beautiful Salon Center but also has all Leffe brews on tap. The Leffe Ruby being my favorite, so refreshing and yummy. We definitely came back here multiple times.

Brussels | Caffe Leffe | Scones In The Sky Blog Caffe Leffe | Ruby Leffe | Scones in the Sky BlogCafe Leffe  | Scones In The Sky Blog


Delirium Cafe is known for their beer selection…as in 2400 different types of beer! They have a catalog for their beer menu…it’s crazy. It is kind of chaotic here, but worth checking out! We first ordered the Delirium Nocturnum on tap > Delicious! Then we went on to beers like the La Trappe, Pink Killer, and St. Bernardus. Great spot when looking for a unique selection of beer!

Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog


Au Brasseur was the only place where we could find a sampler of Belgium Beers. You can order a sampler of 3, 6, 9 or 15 Belgium beers. This place was packed at night so we went during the late afternoon, when it was slower and shared the 9 beer sampler. {ALSO: The only take CASH Euros, no cards accepted.}

Au Brasseur | Belgium | Scones in the Sky Blog

Plus: There are many shops where you can browse beers by region!

Belgian Beers | Scones in the Sky

Look for more pictures and full city guide coming soon!

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A Perfect Day in Portland

Portland has a unique vibe and feel that is so inviting. Everywhere we went I kept thinking or saying aloud, “this place is so cool.” And the people are incredibly nice. I really could have spent all day at Powell’s Books and the whole experience at the McMenamins’ Edgefield was perfect.

Jake, Sam and I started our Saturday afternoon at McMenamin’s Edgefield, which is 74-acres of fun. It was built in 1911, and they utilize everything from the basement now wine cellars to the shed out back now distillery bar.  We happen to arrive during their Half Way to St. Patty’s Day celebration…so random, but a reason to celebrate I guess haha. Near the Distillery Bar they also have a putting area and also a little round of golf if you are interested! There is so much to see and many tasty beers to be had.

 McMenamins Portland | Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Jacob Scones in the SkyIrish Dancing McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Put Put McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland


Next stop was to grab dinner at the food carts on 10th and Adler. Again, so many to choose from–I went with a Super Falafel Pita and it was delicious.

Food Trucks and Me Scones in the SkyFood Trucks PortlandFood Trucks Portland

Around the corner was the Ace Hotel, accompanied by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. So much hip in one block. I kind of loved it.  Jake and Sam tried the coffee on Nitro…basically looked like a dark beer but tasted like an amazing cold bubbly coffee. Genius.

Ace Hotel Portland |Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyPortland Ace HotelPortland Ace HotelScones in the Sky Ace Hotel PortlandPortland Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel PortlandAce Hotel Portland

Lastly, we took our time roaming the book covered shelves of Powell’s Books.  I love books, libraries, cozy reading nooks…those are all places that bring me comfort and help slow down time. I was extremely impressed with their selection and happy to see so many people there.

Powell's Books Portland Powell's Books Portland

The buildings didn’t disappoint either. This one was particularly design happy.

Portland | Scones in the Sky

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Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Anchorage, AK


This is a small panoramic from my bike ride along the Anchorage coast (see more below)!

This week, I had the opportunity to have a 28hr layover in Anchorage! I mean…it was a-mazing!

I have to share the things I did and places I ate because it was all just too good! A day in Anchorage…



IMG_3518IMG_3430IMG_3432 IMG_3427IMG_3428

Snow City Cafe is the best in town, everyone knows it, hence the every seat filled. I always sit at the same exact seat at the bar which is kind of funny that it works out that way. The six or so seats at the counter are first come first serve (for us who dine occasionally for one). I find it very peaceful in this bustling cafe, I don’t get service on my phone…I just sit, watch and relax. I always (the three or four times I have been there) get the make your own omelet with spinach, swiss, reindeer sausage and Canadian bacon. It’s about $11 and the Snow City Mocha (white chocolate & vanilla) $5. P.S. THE JAM IS AMAZING! Yummy. I have heard from other flight attendants that the Kodiak breakfast with Alaskan crab cakes is also delicious. I just can’t seem to stray from that omelet.




Dami looks unappealing from the outside–it’s somewhat attached to the Econolodge–and you might even be second guessing still when you pass through the door. But just wait until you try this sushi! It is mind-blowing. Fresh to the max and flavor filled! I went with my whole crew, one of the flight attendants requested the Anchorage trips just for this sushi place. I ordered the “Calvin Choice” roll (which is pictured above, sorry for the poor photos).  All orders come with miso soup, a small salad and as a dessert a fried Oreo! Ha! It was surprisingly tasty and not too heavy.  This would be great for lunch or dinner, but a must!



brewhouse brewhouse1

This was only place I didn’t get pictures. But things to try: every beer ;), calamari, seafood chowder, and anything else that comes out of the water just a couple hundred feet in front of you! Some of my past crews say to go here for every meal. There is plenty of Alaskan food and beer to choose from!



After you get done at the Snow City Cafe, walk across the street to the Copper Whale Inn (adorable). Right in front, they rent bikes. You can rent a bike for $18 for 3 hours. They will give you a map of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail which is breathtaking. It was so peaceful. I love a chance to soak in gorgeous scenery and/or a chance of spotting a moose! Here are some of my iPhone pictures below!

IMG_3436IMG_3433IMG_3440 IMG_3441IMG_3446   IMG_3473 IMG_3469Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset  IMG_3509Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Happy adventures!


~all photos taken by me with iPhone 5 (excluding Brewhouse logo)~