Guide to the Best Brews of Brussels

Belgium beer are the bee’s knees. I was going to first provide a full Brussels City Guide, but I think that it is important to create one just for the beer! And the beer being a main course in Belgium, it only seemed fitting.


Our first stop was Cafe Leffe. As you can see below, we didn’t even get to our Airbnb to drop off our bags, having a Leffe was first on the list. This spot is not only in the beautiful Salon Center but also has all Leffe brews on tap. The Leffe Ruby being my favorite, so refreshing and yummy. We definitely came back here multiple times.

Brussels | Caffe Leffe | Scones In The Sky Blog Caffe Leffe | Ruby Leffe | Scones in the Sky BlogCafe Leffe  | Scones In The Sky Blog


Delirium Cafe is known for their beer selection…as in 2400 different types of beer! They have a catalog for their beer menu…it’s crazy. It is kind of chaotic here, but worth checking out! We first ordered the Delirium Nocturnum on tap > Delicious! Then we went on to beers like the La Trappe, Pink Killer, and St. Bernardus. Great spot when looking for a unique selection of beer!

Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog Delirium Cafe | Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog


Au Brasseur was the only place where we could find a sampler of Belgium Beers. You can order a sampler of 3, 6, 9 or 15 Belgium beers. This place was packed at night so we went during the late afternoon, when it was slower and shared the 9 beer sampler. {ALSO: The only take CASH Euros, no cards accepted.}

Au Brasseur | Belgium | Scones in the Sky Blog

Plus: There are many shops where you can browse beers by region!

Belgian Beers | Scones in the Sky

Look for more pictures and full city guide coming soon!

Happy adventures,


My Eight Carry-On Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

My carry-on bag for those long cross-Atlantic flights has been perfected! I currently don’t work many international flights (due to my base & seniority mostly), but I do fly a lot of red-eyes and try to take as many weekend trips to Europe that I can fit in. Now with more of a routine in place, it makes those 8+ hours feel less intimidating.

Long Haul Essentials

Here is how I prepared for a red-eye or flight across the Atlantic, to say Brussels :). 

Step One::: Before I head to the airport, I shower and put my hair in a braid (using Essential #5, an EMI-JAY hair tie).

Step Two::: Confirm I have my passport, and that all the essentials above are in my carry-on! I also try to pack an empty water bottle to fill at the airport.

Step 3::: Once onboard and settled, I usually like to watch one movie and then after sleep for the next 4 or 5 hours. Ask for a cup of hot water and add the Zarbee’s Night Time Drink (Essential #1). It will not only protect your throat but ease you into a nice peaceful sleep.

[ I usually struggle to get to sleep and then if I do sleep, wake with a dry and sore throat. In a perfect world, I would not sleep with my mouth open…bahaha. Luckily, I finally found something that solves my problem >>ZARBEE’S!! They also have vitamin-filled or immune support supplements! AND with great ingredients!]

Step 4::: I find it necessary to have a sleep mask (Essential #2, accompanied by eye drops). If you are near a galley or bathroom there will always be a light on, and the mask solves that dilemma.

Step 5:::  Flights arrive into Europe in the morning, so I like to hit the ground running, no time to waste! Once I wake up, I go into the restroom and take out my braid, finger comb and fluff (maybe even apply some dry-shampoo, it can be hard to find in travel size). My hair was contained in the braid for my sleep and now can be let down with a nice wave.

Step 6::: I wipe down my face with a refreshing YestoCucumbers Face Wipes (Essential #4) and reapply makeup if I’m feeling ambitious.

Step 7::: And then of course brush my teeth and use some mouthwash (Essentials #7), that always helps with waking up too. After, apply some Burt’s Bees lip balm (Essential #3, the only chapstick that I use).

Step 8::: Finally hands need some EOS hand lotion (Essential #8).

ALSO:: Drink LOTS of water! Ricola drops (Essential #6) are a soothing treat too. Lemon mint is my favorite flavor :).

Long Haul Flight Essentials

Would always love to hear your travel tips or routines!

Happy travels!


The Perfect Day in Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland was a perfect mix of charm, history, style and tranquility. I really loved the city. I thought our day was perfectly planned and consisted of quiet walks, beautiful architecture, a boat ride on the lake, a peaceful picnic and bridge jumping!

The day started with a walk through Platzpitz Park, that led us to the Drahtschmidlisteg bridge where we took a little dip and a little jump. (First picture is me, second picture is my good friend Kacey.) The water was a tad chilly, but refreshing. There were ladders all along the river to get back up onto the side docks. I loved how active the river was…there were people rowing, swimming and sun-bathing near the bridge.

Scones in the Sky | Bridge Jumping in ZurichScones in the Sky | Bridge Jumping in Zurich

We then took a walk down Bahnhofstrasse, which is the main street with shopping and restaurants. There are many little side streets with adorable cafes, flower shops, and a fancy boutiques.

Scones in the Sky | Zurich, Switzerland

Scones in the Sky | Zurich

Scones in the Sky | Zurich Scones in the Sky | Zurich

Zurich | Scones in the Sky

At the almost end of Bahnhofstrasse, we stumbled upon the famous Sprügnli, which has been creating decadent desserts since 1836. I picked up four macarons – for the picture below, going clockwise from upper left: Passion Fruit with Chocolate, Gold Champagne, Coffee and Raspberry.  And they were Y-U-M-M-Y!Macarons in Zurich | Scones in the Sky

Scones in the Sky | Sprügnli Raspberry Macaron

Continuing on, we arrived at the boat dock, Burkliplatz Zürich. We took the ‘short round trip’ that was an hour and a half long and covered about half of the lake. It cost 8.20 francs per person and was well worth it.  The full round trip being four hours long. I loved passing by the different towns and their variety in landscape & homes. Next time it would be nice to have more time to stop and look around each town. I loved seeing the Alps off in the distance, and wish I could have gotten a good photo of them.

Park above Boating Dock, Zurich | Scones in the SkyBoating Tour, Zurich | Scones in the SkyScones in the Sky | Boating Tour, ZurichBoating Tour, Zurich | Scones in the Sky

After the boat ride, we took the street named Wühre. The street bordered the river, and would go from cobble stone road to a bridge to a tunnel, and I loved it. Along the way, we stopped to visit the two amazing cathedrals in the city: Grossmünster and Fraumünster.

View from Grossmünster Cathedral, Zurich.Grossmünster, Zurich | Scones in the SkyZurich | Scones in the SkyZuric | Scones in the SkyScones in the Sky | ZurichFor dinner, we grabbed groceries at the Coop Bahnhofbrücke and took them along Kloster Fahr-Weg. We reached a dock across from the Panama Bar and Grill. It was a perfect place to picnic, people were swimming, enjoying wine on the sidelines, and no one was on their cell phone. It was serene.

Picnic in Zurich | Scones in the Sky

Picnic in Zurich | Scones in the Sky


Happy adventures,


P.S. There were so many swans…I mean…seriously a fairytale city!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetSwans in Zurich | Scones in the Sky




CRETE, Greece — Honeymoon (part two)

Crete, Greece was our main destination for our honeymoon. We were there for a full week and it was amazing. We wanted to do more island hopping, to Santorini (the closest island), but we ended up staying in Crete the whole week. It’s a big island, a lot to explore!!

The little village we were in was called Koutouloufari. It was on the outskirts of Hersonissos. Here are a few pictures of us exploring our little town on the first day. (Check below for more information about what’s in the photos!)

IMG_1649IMG_1103 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1112 IMG_1117 IMG_1121 IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1130IMG_1128  IMG_1135 IMG_1138 IMG_1147IMG_1146  IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1159IMG_1173 IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1180  IMG_1199IMG_1189   IMG_1194IMG_1193

Isn’t this little village adorable! After a three hour drive from Chania (where we flew in from Milan using Ryan Air), we were happy to get here.

We stayed at the Village Holiday Club, it stood out with its bright stucco, rooftop decks and a beautiful outdoor lounge area. Also not shown, it’s library and wine cellar.  We strolled down the street outside our villas and again it was that awkward time where people haven’t opened for dinner and already finished early afternoon serving. Not a lot was open. Luckily, the adorable lady at Gevsi greeted us and treated us like family in her family owned restaurant. Her daughter was there practicing her english with us. They were so very kind. The food was delicious–I had the Moussaka (the one in the pottery casserole bowl), made up of eggplant, potatoes, spiced meat, and topped with a cheese.  Jake had the Kleftiko, which was lamb, peppers, potatoes and a huge block of feta baked in the tin foil and ready to consume. Great flavor, it ended up being Jake’s favorite dish from the whole week in Greece.

While we were eating, a funeral service was going on right above us at the church shown in the pictures (taken later that night). There is a set of stairs near the restaurant that leads you to the church’s courtyard. The service was being projected through speakers so the whole village could hear it…which I thought was cool. Later as we were finishing up, the people who had attended all filed down the stairs and down the street (only one main road), with the priest leading the way. The women explained to us the tradition and greeted many of the passers-by. It felt like we were experiencing something so personal and intimate. I cherish that first experience, it’s one I won’t forget.

We later walked down to the water and explored the town below our village, Hersonissos. There we found the bakery which I would attend about every morning.


Random Travel Tip::: There is some intense driving in Greece. Mostly because of its narrow roads and lack of “rules.” Luckily, it was the same direction as the Unites States. The main highway is wider, but we soon found out that it is custom to use the shoulder of the road as the second lane. If you plan on driving a little slower, stay to the very edge of the right side. You might think it’s not a second lane because there is no line indicating that, but people will pass you when not ‘legal’ to do so. You have to stay to the edge.  And you have to drive with confidence.  Once we got into the village it’s a whole new type of driving. A crazy web of tiny tiny streets and then all of a sudden there will be a choice of big stairs or an alley that looks too tiny for a car to fit through. It’s a rush. They sometimes will have the rounded mirrors so you can see what’s coming around the corner. Have fun! 🙂

Happy adventures!


ROME – Honeymoon (part one)

IMG_0990IMG_0999 IMG_1002 IMG_1004 IMG_1006 IMG_1017IMG_1016  IMG_1039IMG_1041 IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1050 IMG_1061

This is my iPhone’s account of our Rome excursion.

We were only in Rome a few hours which was too quick, but I’m glad we were able to see some of the historic city. We had plans to take a train to Milan later in the afternoon, so we luggage checked our bags at the Roma Termini (main train station) then hit the town for a few hours! The luggage check (it’s called “left luggage” in the station) was about 6 Euros for 4 hours per bag.  Pretty good deal to be hands free while exploring Rome!

Getting into Rome in the morning, after flying through the night, makes you pretty hungry. Jake and I both had food on the mind right when we touched down into Italy. Pizza or pasta preferably ;).  Come to find out they don’t really start opening restaurants until 1pm –and sometimes they are closed midday and return later around 5pm for dinner. Definitely not a breakfast town. More of a cigarettes and espresso for the morning start type of people. We love a great cup of espresso, so cappuccinos and pastries it was.  We stumbled upon La Bottega del Caffe later, where we got ourselves a salad and pizza…and more espresso.

Then off to the Colosseum! What a site. Rome is a very walkable city…it felt like we just looked up and there is was…when it felt like we had so much longer to go. It is transportation friendly too. We had no problem going from the airport to the train station to the Colosseum and later to Milan.

Random Travel Tip:::When purchasing your tickets for RailEurope or any other train line from a self-service machine, if someone comes up to help they are not just being friendly or work for the train station, but will ask you for money after they have finished helping. So either go in knowing not to accept any help at the machines or go to someone at the windows selling tickets (where the lines are usually longer).


Happy adventures!