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A San Diego Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is right around the corner…3 days away! Yay! We are so excited to go visit our family in San Diego. Mostly for the time with loved ones, but also to get away from this Chicago weather for a few days. It’s forecasted to be 80 degrees in San Diego on Thursday (as I look at the window and see snow falling in Chi Town). That’s just crazy! Weird to think I won’t need my down coat–well until I step foot back into O’hare.

Below is an outfit that felt very “Cali” to me…no jacket necessary, sunglasses for when you sip your Cranberry Margarita by the pool. Then probably get too hot in these leather leggings and ditch them for a swim suit. Bring it on.

San Diego Thanksgiving Fall Outfit


:::What you see above:::

Headband:::Forever 21, $6.90

Knit Sweater:::H&M, $29.95

Statement Necklace:::Target, $19.99

Wine Leather Leggings:::She-Fashions, $28.83

Sunglasses:::Warby Parker, $95

Leather Satchel:::GAP, $70

Steve Madden Bootie:::DSW, $69.95

Recipe to the Cranberry Margarita:::FREE


Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for, it’s slightly overwhelming. Praise God.

Enjoy your holiday everyone and happy adventures!


Transitioning to Fall aka Boot Shopping

The last few days in Chicago have been shockingly cold. It’s too early for that. Seriously, I won’t be able to take cold this early. So my freezing toes got me thinking about how I need some serious winter boots this season. Last year my foot gear didn’t cut it.

I probably spent too many hours looking, per usual, but here are my selections that go from light Fall wandering to dead of Winter trekking. If anybody has a ‘secret weapon’ boot, I would love to hear about them–a pair that is cute but keeps your toes happy!

Scones in the Sky | Short Boots


I stuck with a short boot theme. I find it easier to shop online for shorter boots then higher/long boots.  I had never seen the short Hunter rain boot (#2), – but I’m into it–and the Sorel Caribou (#5) is now coming in more colors and variations which is also great!

Here is the info on the boots above:

1:::Crocket Anke Boot , Jeffery Campbell ::: $122.50

2:::Original Chelsea Boots, HUNTER ::: $125.00

3:::’Fame’ Boot, Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn ::: $159.95

4:::Kioni Tweed, UGG ::: $150.00

5:::Women’s Caribou, Sorel ::: $140.00

6:::Ballard Lace, North Face ::: $130.00

Now with Fall around the corner, I need to prep my carry-on to be a little more plump with the extra layers and boots!

Happy Adventures,



Packing for a Summer Weekend Getaway

Jacob and I have had a quiet a few weekend getaways lately, mostly for weddings, but sometimes to visit family or for work. I learn something new every time I pack…some of my recent discoveries:

1::: I sometimes need two outfits for one day.

2::: I might change my mind if I like an outfit after I have arrived at my destination.

3::: I really don’t need four pairs of shoes…aka half my carry-on is shoes.

I have tried implementing the following things to compensate for those faults:

1::: Bring an extra dress, top or layer (that can easily be rolled up or not take too much space in your carry-on).

2:::Make sure you have some classic basics before you start with the outfits that you are unsure of. Or just don’t pack the “iffy” ones at all.

3:::Bring a pair of dressier sandals/heels and comfy sandals. Even while traveling, I know I will want to exercise, but maybe set the running shoes aside to save space and opt for a beach yoga workout, SUP, or kayaking for the weekend’s activity….something you don’t need shoes! ~also running on the beach barefoot is a serious workout~

::A lot of times I might pack my running shoes but wear my dressier sandals for the flight to conserve space.::: (Like in the picture below I might also wear the floppy hat and carry the market tote bag as my second item I’m allowed to carry-on. This just might mean you have more space in your carry-on for things to bring back from your vacation, not to just pack more unnecessary things.)

With the items below (3 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 dresses and 2 shoes), you could have at least 8 outfits!

Packing Weekend Getaway


What’s in the photo above, you may ask?

Big Felt Floppy Hat:::Top Shop $56.00

Chiffon Bird Blouse:::CiChic $15.00

Tassel Necklace:::J.Crew $35.00

Black Lace Kimono:::Top Shop $90.00  $24.00

Swimsuit Top, Bottom:::J. Crew $44.00, $34.00

Black & White Blouse::: CiChic $17.81

Bright Tropical Dress:::Top Shop $140.00

Woven Market Tote:::J.Crew $49.50

Striped Knit-Tee:::J. Crew $39.50

Boyfriend Shorts:::Top Shop $64.00

Red Skinny Pants:::CiChic $20.43

Chunky Wooden Heels:::Top Shop, $70.00

Pleated Maxi Dress:::She-Fashions $25.67

Yellow Birkenstock Sandals:::ASOS $86.09 $59.98


Hope you all had a great weekend!

And happy packing! 🙂





Travel Ready Totes

It’s not only the time to be searching for new swim gear, but also time to revamp your travel gear!

My travel tote is my most important piece of luggage and adventure add-on.  It stores all the ready to use items…the things I want accessible and by my side!

Why not have a little fun picking out your travel tote companion! There are many out there to choose from. They go from unique to practical to creative to just plain pretty. I picked five, hoping they have qualities you are looking for and would be great to have on your next adventure.

And don’t worry fellas–I will get to your carry-a-longs tomorrow. I mean, nothing looks better strapped across your shoulder then a great weekender!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 6.44.19 PM

ONE:::‘hipster’:::  Archival Clothing  makes these great roll top bags from all waterproof materials! They are made in Portland, OR…of course…so they are perfect for exploring the Great Pacific Northwest! ($220 for this model)

TWO:::‘stylin’::: Kate Spade has some style! This is an incredible customizable weekender! The style above is one of there patterned versions, but you can totally recreate it to match your personal style. It also has a zippered compartment at the bottom for your shoes!!!! I am obsessed with this feature! (The Painted Floral bag is $112, but the customizable versions range from $200-$210)

THREE:::‘vintage’:::Luncheonette Vintage is an Etsy shop with great vintage items. Including this 1960’s American Tourister bag! It has little details that are just perfect! Example: the zipper clicks and locks into the side of the bag, the awesome floral print inside, etc… (AND it’s only $35!!!)

FOUR:::‘sporty’::: Patagonia knows how to make a bag. Get this–the lightweight foam back doubles as a seat cushion! That is genius!! It can be a shoulder bag, backpack or tote! Patagonia thinks of it all…it even balls into the key bag when not in use, like a sleeping bag! Love it. I want it in all colors. ($65…a little for a lot!)

FIVE:::‘classy’::: J.Crew  and their SLOW Bono Tote is pretty, practical and made with high quality leather. It also has a removable canvas interior for easy cleaning and care. This is a bag will be by your side for a long time. It’s timeless. ($355)


Hope you enjoy! And don’t be afraid to tell me about your favorite have-to-see-totes!