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Fall Drinks & Tea Time

Fall happens to be a lot of people’s favorite season. And I think I know why…not the colorful leaves or the cute boots…but the DRINKS. With the falling leaves come tasty beverages! Below, I have pictures with corresponding links, where you can find recipes to my three favorite Fall drinks. Also if you go by a Trader Joe’s, they have incredible Fall everything! Today, I bought pumpkin ravioli,  pumpkin chai tea mix and spiced apple cider…amazing.

:::The Chai Tea Latte:::

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkyHomemade Chai Hot, Iced & Concentrate — by Gimme Some Oven

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkyAuthentic Chai– by the kithcn

Chai Tea Recipe | Scones in the SkySmall Measures Homemade Chai — by Design Sponge

:::The Apple Cider:::

Apple Cider  Recipe | Scones in the Sky Homemade Hot Apple Cider — by Hint of Vanilla

Apple Cider Tea | David's Tea | Scones in the SkySweet Apple Cider Tea — by David’s Tea

Apple Cider Recipe | Scones in the SkyApple Cider — by DELICIOUS SHOTS

::: The Hot Toddy:::

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyIntensi-Toddy — by joylicious

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyMaple + Oatmeal Stout Hot Toddy — by The Gouda Life

Hot Toddy Recipe | Scones in the SkyMeyer Lemon & Sage Hot Toddy — by Katie at the Kitchen Door

This will be getting whipped up in my kitchen ASAP! Once our kitchen is done with it’s renovation of course. Our loft management company is taking up valuable fall drink-making space! 😉 But it will be nice to have an update, that’s for sure.

I’m in the process of thinking of a new beverage creation that really says, “Drink Me, I taste like Fall.” So wish me luck on that endeavor and if you have any suggestions let me hear ’em!

Happy warm & cozy drinking!


Pit Stop in New York, New York

If you are feeling extra adventurous on a layover between flights, you could always take a quick trip into the city without a lot of hassle! Let’s say you have 6hrs at the Newark airport…you get in at 10:30am and your next flight doesn’t leave until 4:55pm. You would probably first see if you there is an earlier flight that you can transfer to, or you might just take a few hours to explore New York.

Right from the airport you can take the AirTran to the New Jersey Transit station. There you can buy a $25 round trip ride to Penn Station in New York City. It is only 3 stops away and takes about 30 minutes.  It puts your right at the heart of the transportation hub. You can get to any part of the city from Penn.

I had about 6 hours and was able to go into the city, see some of my family, eat at a hip city restaurant and make it back to the airport all in under 5 hours.  I can also see how this would be stressful. But sometimes, the flights that have the really long layovers are cheaper, and it could give you a chance to see something new! I know a lot of airports that have trains right from the airport into city; I had already written about a few like Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York and the list goes on! A lot of them are cheaper than New York’s fee, but it was still worth it!

Here are some pictures from my little adventure. The Meatball Shop (the Chelsea location) is in walking distance from Penn Station. Food was scrumptious and the sangria refreshing!

The Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Beautiful Cousin | Scones in the SkyThe Meatball Shop NYCThe Meatball Shop MenusThe Meatball Shop NYCMy Aunt & Cousin | Scones in the Sky

Below is a snap shot of the Newark Airport station for the NJ Transit.

NJ Transit Newark Airport

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A Perfect Day in Portland

Portland has a unique vibe and feel that is so inviting. Everywhere we went I kept thinking or saying aloud, “this place is so cool.” And the people are incredibly nice. I really could have spent all day at Powell’s Books and the whole experience at the McMenamins’ Edgefield was perfect.

Jake, Sam and I started our Saturday afternoon at McMenamin’s Edgefield, which is 74-acres of fun. It was built in 1911, and they utilize everything from the basement now wine cellars to the shed out back now distillery bar.  We happen to arrive during their Half Way to St. Patty’s Day celebration…so random, but a reason to celebrate I guess haha. Near the Distillery Bar they also have a putting area and also a little round of golf if you are interested! There is so much to see and many tasty beers to be had.

 McMenamins Portland | Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Jacob Scones in the SkyIrish Dancing McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland Scones in the SkyMcMenamins Portland Put Put McMenamins PortlandMcMenamins PortlandMcMenamins Portland


Next stop was to grab dinner at the food carts on 10th and Adler. Again, so many to choose from–I went with a Super Falafel Pita and it was delicious.

Food Trucks and Me Scones in the SkyFood Trucks PortlandFood Trucks Portland

Around the corner was the Ace Hotel, accompanied by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. So much hip in one block. I kind of loved it.  Jake and Sam tried the coffee on Nitro…basically looked like a dark beer but tasted like an amazing cold bubbly coffee. Genius.

Ace Hotel Portland |Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyAce Hotel Portland | Scones in the SkyPortland Ace HotelPortland Ace HotelScones in the Sky Ace Hotel PortlandPortland Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel PortlandAce Hotel Portland

Lastly, we took our time roaming the book covered shelves of Powell’s Books.  I love books, libraries, cozy reading nooks…those are all places that bring me comfort and help slow down time. I was extremely impressed with their selection and happy to see so many people there.

Powell's Books Portland Powell's Books Portland

The buildings didn’t disappoint either. This one was particularly design happy.

Portland | Scones in the Sky

Happy Adventures,



Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Logan Square, Chicago

Our home boarders Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and Wicker Park. I have already done a Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner posting on Wicker Park and now it’s Logan Square’s turn. We will be moving away from this area soon and that makes me a little sad, because we are just getting to know the hot spots!

Here are some places that we love and usually end up going on the weekends or during our free moments. You can get to them by ‘the L,’ the Blue Line – The Logan Square Stop or the California Stop. They are all very close in walking distance from the train stops.


Bang Bang Pie Shop Scones in the Sky BlogBang Bang Pie Scones in the SkyBang Bang FoodBang Bang OPENDSC_0548  Bang Bang PieMenu

BREAKFAST — Bang Bang Pie is off the California stop on “the L,” and is waiting with a warm biscuit and fresh cup of coffee. On Saturdays and Sundays, this place has a line out the door and around the corner. I took the photos as they were closing one day. So that it why there aren’t people outside in the sitting area. They have a great space to meet up with friends, host a book club, or even plan a rehearsal dinner! They have definitely expanded the menu since I first moved here. It was only biscuits and gravy, pie and coffee to start and now look at the options!!


Parson's Chicken and Fish by Scones in the Sky

Parson's Chicken and Fish Bitter/SourParson's DrinksParson's Chicken and Fish Patio

Parson's Chicken and FishParson's Chicken and Fish El Camino

LUNCH — Parson’s Chicken & Fish has such a cool vibe. They have great design, drinks, and dining areas. Their summer patio is huge and awesome with the outdoor bar. The indoor space is small and somewhat crammed in the winter. We have tried the Hush Puppies, Chicken Sandwich and the Fish Sandwich…all delicious! For drinks, this last time I had the Purple Slushy which is basically a sangria, and Jake had the Bitter/Sour and again…YUM! A popular item is the Negroni Slushy. This is only a 5-10 minute walk from Bang Bang! They even serve Bang Bang pies for dessert!


  Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery Interior Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery  Revolution BreweryRevolution BreweryRevolution BreweryThe Revolution FistsRevolution Brewery by Scones in the Sky

DINNER — Revolution Brewery is an obvious choice. Not only amazing beer, but really good food. They have their main brewery on Kedzie Ave where you can take tours, and see how it’s all done. This location is off the California stop, and on Milwaukee Ave. The Soft Pretzel appetizer makes you feel like you are in Germany. Jake always gets one of their many burgers and he always leaves smiling. I usually get one of the salads or pizzas. The Avocado Chicken Salad and Smoke Stack Pizza are yummy!! We usually get multiple tasters for their beers and enjoy tasting the variety.


Logan Square TheaterLogan TheatreLogan Theatre LoungeLogan Theatre BarLogan Theatre

LATE NIGHT — The Logan Theatre is one of my favorite spots. They kept it old school and the costs low. You can see new and old movies in this three screen theatre for only $7.50 per adult. They have a bar that you can order and drink there or bring it into the show with you. On some days, they have stand up comedy in their lounge area (where Jake is reading before we went into a matinée). We probably go here two-three times a month. It is just such an experience and good time.

Happy Adventures!


Strawberry & Cream Scones

Back from an amazing weekend in Seattle (pictures and more to come!) Now it is time to put those Stanley’s strawberries to use! I followed the recipe from A Cozy Kitchen, but I am going to put my suggestions for “tweaking” the recipe to the right of the original recipe. I also didn’t follow the recipe in drying the strawberries (I like the scones to be a little moist).

Therefore, I started by preheating my oven to 425. 🙂



8 Strawberries (quartered)

2 cups flour

1 tablespoon baking powder ::: 1 TEASPOON (suggested)

3 tablespoons of sugar ::: 4 tablespoon of sugar (suggested)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

5 tablespoons of unsalted butter (frozen)

1 cup of heavy cream

DSC_0513DSC_051  DSC_0519


Preheat oven to 425. Combine dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt) in a bowl. Using a box grater, grate the frozen butter and mix into the dry ingredients. Next add heavy cream to create dough. (In following the recipe it had said to add strawberries then cream but I would suggest adding cream first, will make it easier to combine and then fold in strawberries once blended.) Hand mix in strawberries. I usually just form the scones by hand. But you can roll dough on floured surface and cut into wedges, if desired!

I then lightly brushed top of scones with remaining heavy cream and sprinkled a little sugar on top. Butter or spray pan (I used 9×13 non-stick) Bake for 12-15minutes or until light brown. Cool on wire rack. Lastly, ENJOY!

Happy Scone Adventures!


Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Ocean Beach, San Diego


Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Ocean Beach, San Diego


If you are planning a trip to San Diego, then make room for a trip to Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is only a 15-20 minute drive from downtown (probably less during the slower times). The heart of Ocean Beach is on Newport Avenue. If you are planning a day within the week to get there, pick Wednesday…that is also the day of the street market along Newport Ave. There is everything from fresh fruits and veggies, to jewelry, to local shops and bakers selling their goods. It starts at 4pm and goes to 8pm. A great thing to do right before you head to your dinner location!



photos by New Break Cafe

BREAKFAST—At Newbreak, the Sunrise Sandwich on an everything bagel is my personal favorite. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their breakfast sandwiches. I was a strong believer in all breakfast sandwiches, didn’t really try any other food items. The coffee is great as well. I love the specialty coffees. The location on Abbott street (end of Newport Avenue) looks right at the water. There are two locations in Ocean Beach, the other being on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. (I just recently found out they have one downtown as well!).



photo by Erika Johnston

LUNCH—OB Smoothie. This is the diamond in the rough. You must go here if you are within a ten mile radius of the place. It is amazing. And I will only allow you to purchase an Acai Bowl. Nope, nothing else, just that. The other menu items are great but the acai bowl is phenomenal! When I have a layover and staying downtown, I will run to this place and then take a taxi back…it really is worth it. Some people don’t know you can add coconut to the top and substitute fruit if you dislike one of the items it comes with. I order the acai bowl with soy and coconut (coconut not pictured in the version above). You won’t regret it. They ask you apple juice or soy as your base for the acai smoothie portion…then you sit and wait for the miracle to happen. A little stroll down Newport Avenue to the beach and pier is the perfect pairing.


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.37.21 PM

photos by Raglan Public House and Pacific Coast Magazine

DINNER— Raglan Public House is a fairly new addition to OB, but a good one. Their burgers are juicy and their sweet potato fries are heavenly. They have amazing beers on tap, a lot being local brews. They also have a beautiful patio. The decor is welcoming and the staff is friendly.  Raglan House is inspired by the New Zealand way of life and the fresh and unique Kiwi food.



photo by Gallagher’s

LATE NIGHT — Gallagher’s  is a local’s joint. You can also find it on Newport Avenue. I personally think Thursdays are the best nights because that means it’s Reggae Night. I have never been a huge Reggae fan, but when it comes to Gallagher’s, I’m a fan. It is a relaxing vibe and chill atmosphere. You can check their website for all upcoming bands and events. Newport Avenue is a great place to bar hop, make sure you swing into Gallagher’s. ALSO, no cover!

Safe travels and Happy adventures,