Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank Yvonne Payne ( go see her blog for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. This is an award nominated by WordPress bloggers for WordPress bloggers, in hopes to recognize each other’s efforts and to also grow their blog community. Yvonne and I first connected on my post about Crete (where she now resides in a village called Krista for part of the year). I love seeing other’s perspective on places I’ve been or hope to go. Thank you again Yvonne!

Part of the award requirements are:

  • Display the Versatile Blogger Logo (below)
  • Write a post referencing this nomination and link it back to blogger you were nominated by. (THANK YOU Yvonne!)
  • Give seven fun/interesting/new facts about yourself, let your followers get to know some weird things about you!
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them of their nomination.

WELL…Here are some random Erika facts:

1::I write left-handed but play sports with my right hand.

2::I’ve buried hidden treasures at every house I’ve lived in.

3::I don’t like tomatoes. Though, I try to like them and order them on my sandwiches every time…but that doesn’t seem to work.

4::I fractured my pelvis in a car accident.

5::I bought my first car for $600 (the one that was later destroyed in the above accident).

6::I’ve always wanted a New York accent.

7::My first Pandora stations were Michael Buble and “21 Questions”…maybe I had thought that would cover just about everything. 🙂

Erika in Brussels | Scones in the Sky Blog

I decided to nominate the following blogs:

Pursuit of Life – Great pictures from around the world. Travel-inspiriing!

B.livewear – One of the first blogs I started to follow once part of WordPress. Great for fit lifestyle motivation and smoothie recipes.

Ellis Goes on Holiday – I love getting food and travel suggestions, maybe because I also love to give them :). Ellis has some great documentation of her travels!

My French Heaven – Awesome photos that really tell a story!

Traveling the World Solo – Love seeing where her next adventure takes her!

In Search of Balance – Photography, photography, photography.

Finger, Fork, Knife –  Food blog worth noting! A recent find, but a goodie.


Happy Life Adventures,