My Eight Carry-On Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

My carry-on bag for those long cross-Atlantic flights has been perfected! I currently don’t work many international flights (due to my base & seniority mostly), but I do fly a lot of red-eyes and try to take as many weekend trips to Europe that I can fit in. Now with more of a routine in place, it makes those 8+ hours feel less intimidating.

Long Haul Essentials

Here is how I prepared for a red-eye or flight across the Atlantic, to say Brussels :). 

Step One::: Before I head to the airport, I shower and put my hair in a braid (using Essential #5, an EMI-JAY hair tie).

Step Two::: Confirm I have my passport, and that all the essentials above are in my carry-on! I also try to pack an empty water bottle to fill at the airport.

Step 3::: Once onboard and settled, I usually like to watch one movie and then after sleep for the next 4 or 5 hours. Ask for a cup of hot water and add the Zarbee’s Night Time Drink (Essential #1). It will not only protect your throat but ease you into a nice peaceful sleep.

[ I usually struggle to get to sleep and then if I do sleep, wake with a dry and sore throat. In a perfect world, I would not sleep with my mouth open…bahaha. Luckily, I finally found something that solves my problem >>ZARBEE’S!! They also have vitamin-filled or immune support supplements! AND with great ingredients!]

Step 4::: I find it necessary to have a sleep mask (Essential #2, accompanied by eye drops). If you are near a galley or bathroom there will always be a light on, and the mask solves that dilemma.

Step 5:::  Flights arrive into Europe in the morning, so I like to hit the ground running, no time to waste! Once I wake up, I go into the restroom and take out my braid, finger comb and fluff (maybe even apply some dry-shampoo, it can be hard to find in travel size). My hair was contained in the braid for my sleep and now can be let down with a nice wave.

Step 6::: I wipe down my face with a refreshing YestoCucumbers Face Wipes (Essential #4) and reapply makeup if I’m feeling ambitious.

Step 7::: And then of course brush my teeth and use some mouthwash (Essentials #7), that always helps with waking up too. After, apply some Burt’s Bees lip balm (Essential #3, the only chapstick that I use).

Step 8::: Finally hands need some EOS hand lotion (Essential #8).

ALSO:: Drink LOTS of water! Ricola drops (Essential #6) are a soothing treat too. Lemon mint is my favorite flavor :).

Long Haul Flight Essentials

Would always love to hear your travel tips or routines!

Happy travels!


Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner | Logan Square, Chicago

Our home boarders Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and Wicker Park. I have already done a Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner posting on Wicker Park and now it’s Logan Square’s turn. We will be moving away from this area soon and that makes me a little sad, because we are just getting to know the hot spots!

Here are some places that we love and usually end up going on the weekends or during our free moments. You can get to them by ‘the L,’ the Blue Line – The Logan Square Stop or the California Stop. They are all very close in walking distance from the train stops.


Bang Bang Pie Shop Scones in the Sky BlogBang Bang Pie Scones in the SkyBang Bang FoodBang Bang OPENDSC_0548  Bang Bang PieMenu

BREAKFAST — Bang Bang Pie is off the California stop on “the L,” and is waiting with a warm biscuit and fresh cup of coffee. On Saturdays and Sundays, this place has a line out the door and around the corner. I took the photos as they were closing one day. So that it why there aren’t people outside in the sitting area. They have a great space to meet up with friends, host a book club, or even plan a rehearsal dinner! They have definitely expanded the menu since I first moved here. It was only biscuits and gravy, pie and coffee to start and now look at the options!!


Parson's Chicken and Fish by Scones in the Sky

Parson's Chicken and Fish Bitter/SourParson's DrinksParson's Chicken and Fish Patio

Parson's Chicken and FishParson's Chicken and Fish El Camino

LUNCH — Parson’s Chicken & Fish has such a cool vibe. They have great design, drinks, and dining areas. Their summer patio is huge and awesome with the outdoor bar. The indoor space is small and somewhat crammed in the winter. We have tried the Hush Puppies, Chicken Sandwich and the Fish Sandwich…all delicious! For drinks, this last time I had the Purple Slushy which is basically a sangria, and Jake had the Bitter/Sour and again…YUM! A popular item is the Negroni Slushy. This is only a 5-10 minute walk from Bang Bang! They even serve Bang Bang pies for dessert!


  Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery Interior Revolution BreweryRevolution Brewery  Revolution BreweryRevolution BreweryRevolution BreweryThe Revolution FistsRevolution Brewery by Scones in the Sky

DINNER — Revolution Brewery is an obvious choice. Not only amazing beer, but really good food. They have their main brewery on Kedzie Ave where you can take tours, and see how it’s all done. This location is off the California stop, and on Milwaukee Ave. The Soft Pretzel appetizer makes you feel like you are in Germany. Jake always gets one of their many burgers and he always leaves smiling. I usually get one of the salads or pizzas. The Avocado Chicken Salad and Smoke Stack Pizza are yummy!! We usually get multiple tasters for their beers and enjoy tasting the variety.


Logan Square TheaterLogan TheatreLogan Theatre LoungeLogan Theatre BarLogan Theatre

LATE NIGHT — The Logan Theatre is one of my favorite spots. They kept it old school and the costs low. You can see new and old movies in this three screen theatre for only $7.50 per adult. They have a bar that you can order and drink there or bring it into the show with you. On some days, they have stand up comedy in their lounge area (where Jake is reading before we went into a matinée). We probably go here two-three times a month. It is just such an experience and good time.

Happy Adventures!


The Matcha Machine ~ A Smoothie for Fighting the Summer Humidity

The Matcha Machine, a drink to fight the summer humidity…while it’s still here.

Matcha Machine Scones in the Sky

August is already approaching it’s end, how sad. Summer was way, way too fast! I’ve been pinning all these smoothie and cocktail recipes (some seen in links below my recipe), but I decide to create one of my own. I basically just whipped together the ingredients I had in my fridge and it came out great! That’s really what smoothies are…some of your favorite things thrown together, blended to a perfect consistency and enjoyed as one awesome drink.

This one I like to call the Matcha Machine. What you will need for a single smoothie:

  • 3 tbsp Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix (Trader Joe’s)
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • A Handful of Frozen blueberries (around 20-30)
  • 1/2 cup Milk (Vanilla Almond Milk would probably be good too!)
  • 2/3 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Blender

DSC_0507Ingredients Scones in the Sky

IMPORTANT: Put the single serving amount of matcha green tea mix (3 tbsp) in a cup and pour a small amount (3-5oz) of hot water and mix to create a fully liquid form. Going from powder to liquid. This helps dissolve the powder, so you are not tasting chunks of powder in your smoothie.

After that step is complete, combine ingredients into the blender until your desired consistency is created! Add more yogurt or a few ice cubes to create a thicker smoothie. Add granola, coconut and fruit on top if desired :).


Scones in the Sky  Matcha Machine Smoothie

Here are some other summery drinks that I think your tastebuds will thank you for:


Sangria Swirled Margaritas ::: Dessert for Two

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake ::: Shared Appetite


Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie ::: Dear Crissy

Caramel Frappe Recipe

Caramel “Frappe” Frozen Drink ::: A Pumpkin & A Princess


Peach Wine Slushies ::: Dessert for Two







Packing for a Summer Weekend Getaway

Jacob and I have had a quiet a few weekend getaways lately, mostly for weddings, but sometimes to visit family or for work. I learn something new every time I pack…some of my recent discoveries:

1::: I sometimes need two outfits for one day.

2::: I might change my mind if I like an outfit after I have arrived at my destination.

3::: I really don’t need four pairs of shoes…aka half my carry-on is shoes.

I have tried implementing the following things to compensate for those faults:

1::: Bring an extra dress, top or layer (that can easily be rolled up or not take too much space in your carry-on).

2:::Make sure you have some classic basics before you start with the outfits that you are unsure of. Or just don’t pack the “iffy” ones at all.

3:::Bring a pair of dressier sandals/heels and comfy sandals. Even while traveling, I know I will want to exercise, but maybe set the running shoes aside to save space and opt for a beach yoga workout, SUP, or kayaking for the weekend’s activity….something you don’t need shoes! ~also running on the beach barefoot is a serious workout~

::A lot of times I might pack my running shoes but wear my dressier sandals for the flight to conserve space.::: (Like in the picture below I might also wear the floppy hat and carry the market tote bag as my second item I’m allowed to carry-on. This just might mean you have more space in your carry-on for things to bring back from your vacation, not to just pack more unnecessary things.)

With the items below (3 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 dresses and 2 shoes), you could have at least 8 outfits!

Packing Weekend Getaway


What’s in the photo above, you may ask?

Big Felt Floppy Hat:::Top Shop $56.00

Chiffon Bird Blouse:::CiChic $15.00

Tassel Necklace:::J.Crew $35.00

Black Lace Kimono:::Top Shop $90.00  $24.00

Swimsuit Top, Bottom:::J. Crew $44.00, $34.00

Black & White Blouse::: CiChic $17.81

Bright Tropical Dress:::Top Shop $140.00

Woven Market Tote:::J.Crew $49.50

Striped Knit-Tee:::J. Crew $39.50

Boyfriend Shorts:::Top Shop $64.00

Red Skinny Pants:::CiChic $20.43

Chunky Wooden Heels:::Top Shop, $70.00

Pleated Maxi Dress:::She-Fashions $25.67

Yellow Birkenstock Sandals:::ASOS $86.09 $59.98


Hope you all had a great weekend!

And happy packing! 🙂





Seattle in the Summer

Summer is just flying by! This past weekend my mom came out to visit, and we were able to show her some of the amazing-ness that is Chicago. But first I must go back to the previous weekend in Seattle!!

Seattle is incredible.  We hit up delicious happy hours, went for a scenic but difficult run, explored the Bite of Seattle festival and of course went to Pike’s Place! Here are some details on the places we went and pictures of course!

Day 1:

Happy Hour at Peso’s Kitchen & Lounge . The happy hour menu is huge and delicious margaritas!!

Thai Food for our late night dinner >> Cheap & Delicious

Day 2:

The run >>> including wild berries, the Fremont Troll, rolling down hills at Gas Works Park, Lake Union and finishing with a great view of the Space Needle. Just under 8 miles…and a few sets of stairs that will have those beads of sweat rolling off your forehead.

Cafe Ladro Espresso, obvy.

Bite of Seattle Food Festival 🙂

Pike’s Place, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

The sampler at The Pike Brewery

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.39.35 PM

 IMG_3583IMG_3587IMG_3728 IMG_3596 IMG_3607IMG_3634IMG_3617IMG_3625IMG_3615 IMG_3618   IMG_3640

Bite of Seattle was huge! Almost too many vendors, I obviously went for the sweet option (Nutella Crepe). Yum.

IMG_3659 IMG_3660IMG_3662 IMG_3668

Pike’s Place Market>>>Obvious choice, but extremely busy!

>>>Perks >Flowers are inexpensive and Beecher’s Homemade Mac & Cheese is to die for!! I could have it for every meal!

IMG_3718 IMG_3673 IMG_3683 IMG_3684IMG_3688

IMG_3693IMG_3695 IMG_3696


The Pike Brewery sampler was mmm..mmm..good!


I really love Seattle. If you haven’t been, you need to carve out some time to explore this city!

Happy Adventures,


Beach Day

Hoping for sunny weather this weekend! I spent probably too much time today looking at bathing suits, sandals, and other great items for sunshine! Here are some goodies I stumbled upon (links below photo):

World Flattened Necklace – $19.99, Mod Cloth

Striped French Bathing Suit Top – $39.99, J. Crew

Glamour-Girl Bathing Suit Bottom – $40.00 J. Crew

Round Folding Sunglasses –  $220 Ray Ban

Black Lace Romper – $18.33 She-Fashions

Dark Tan Caged Sandal – $27.00 LuLu’s


Happy Weekend!